Post 5 – Fast Google Rankings Project

Another update as to progress of the fast Google rankings project – this is post 5 in the series. You can see previous posts here…

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November 10

Fiverr – User: firststopim – will spin And Submit Article To Over 1000+ Blogs, Sites and Directories, Article Submissions With UAW.
We all know (well, those who have utilized UAW will know) that when using UAW you don’t get 1000+ successful article directory submissions, which is perfectly fine since I’m hitting the money site and not an outer tier anchor site. I’ll be happy to get a mere 150 successful submissions – they’ll be indexed over the next week or two, so there’s a nice “natural” drip of backlinks to be had.
They set the drip to 50 articles a day and delivered the gig within a mere 18 hours. Top stuff!
Furthermore, this service also offers to do the same thing but to a number of different websites to where Unique Article Wizard submit to, so its well worth checking out what else they have on offer.

Fiverr – User: jimmyjam1983 will create an article then spin it and submit it to at least 20 article sites, will then blast 5000 live blog comments to the articles. Job completed within 3 days.


November 13

Seems I’ve taken a couple days break without even realizing it ;-).

Fiverr – User: Rinchan86 – you may remember I used this ladies video creation services before so basically its about creating a video and then using another fiverr gig to get it submitted to a number of video sites. Delivered within 12 hours. This girl is good!

Fiverr – User: jessyica – will leave 10 unique manual comments and links on blogs that are related in topic to your blogs theme – placed two orders – one for home page and one for inner page. She delivered the first batch within 36 hours but I think she forgot about the second batch. That’s now job done – finalized within 2 days.


November 14

Video delivered from Rinchan64 in 12 hours flat so I used a different video submission service to previously in order to get some new URL’d backlinks to the money site…

Fiverr – User: smartkarthick – manually upload your video in Top 20+ Video uploading sites of PR6 – PR9. Job done within 2 days.


I added a further 100 Directory Submissions using Directory Maximizer to drip feed over the next 7 days to the money site.


Rankings update – I found that I’m getting almost 100% of traffic to the site from Yahoo and Bing. I’ve checked Yahoo to find that the site is now ranking 10th for a kwd that receives 201,000 global monthly searches in Google – so obviously you’d take a percentage of that for Yahoo search volume. This however is an “offshoot” of my kwd phrase – or in other words and by way of example, let’s say my kwd phrase was “home schooling for kids“. Well, in essence, I’d probably also get rankings for “home schooling” and “schooling for kids“.
In fact, in Yahoo, my main kwd phrase which must get around 90k searches in Yahoo a month I’m guessing is in fact ranking 17th, thank you!
But even with all this going on, the site has only had a single AdSense click. Here we go again – AdSense is amounting to almost nothing. I’ll need to come up with a secondary method of monetizing the inner pages on the site, and perhaps even the home page too. The home page will be easy to monetize, but the inner pages are going to take a bit more thought. Although I feel like I’m losing money right now, the reason for this rankings exercise is not to make money from the get-go. It was merely to find out if its possible to rank fast in a very competitive niche by throwing a lot of backlinks at a fresh domain.


Fiverr – User: power2believe – will write a press release new story of your product or website. $5 for up to 150 words; $10 for 150 – 300 words; $15 for 300 – 500 words. I ordered the 300 – 500 words service since I think this will provide for the best quality in terms of a press release.



So, how’s about the Google rankings?

Well, I mentioned in the previous post that I was ranking 11th for my secondary kwd phrase – the one that gets around 8.1k global searches a month in Google (according to Google stats). Guess what – its still ranking 11th. I’ve noticed time and again that this is often the case. Its as if Google are assessing your webpage for some time before they allow you to move over the threshold and into the top ten. In fact, one of my jv sites is seeing the exact same thing – the webpage has been sitting in 11th for quite some time, regardless the amount of backlinking its receiving.

The kwd which receives just less than 3k global searches a month has moved up from 39th in Goog to 23, so that’s a bit more positive.

And the main kwd phrase – the 450k search a month phrase – in my last update, it had gained a ranking of 44 (I think). It then dropped down to around 60th, and has now climbed up to 42. A bit boring really, but its good to see that its still around and has not been kicked out of the rankings entirely.



In summary, what does this all tell me, and what might it tell you?

Again, rankings in Bing and Yahoo are easy when it comes to throwing a lot of backlinks even at a new website. The same thing happened in the Warrior Forum 40 Day Challenge, all those months ago. But I’m not really interested in those rankings, even though my secondary kwd phrase is ranking top spot in Bing (or was it Yahoo?). These rankings tend to be fleeting and there is really no skill attached, which does not really excite me. Google however is a very different kettle of fish. There is skill involved and you have to play their game (or find a loophole, which this current project seems to be accomplishing fairly nicely thus far) to achieve long term rankings, and even short term rankings.

But the fact of the matter is this… So far, some 15 days since backlining began, and about 20 days since the site was created and the domain name purchased, the rankings in Google have materialized very nicely. That’s not to say the site will not be kicked out at any time, but its appearing now that this will not in fact happen.

I’m still being cautious however. It would be easy to go grab a handful of Fiverr gigs and get 500 backlinks a day to the money site. I’m not going to be doing that. Currently there’s about 100 backlinks a day being thrown at the money site, and that’s been the case from the beginning. I’ll maybe up that towards the 200 mark in the coming days, but I don’t want to go too strong too soon because the idea is to keep under the Google radar and “sneak” in to the top echolons that way.



And what about my other “live” blog project where I purchased a ready-made site and want to get that making more money before I sell it at auction? Would you believe it that I’m still waiting for the domain name to be transferred over to my Namecheap account. Emails back and forth to the seller who has been very helpful indeed, and still the domain name is in transit. Slow – very slow!

I think however that within the next couple of days that should be finalized so I’ll be able to let loose on that project and get going with it in prep for the Christmas sales period. Its frustrating though because I thought I’d be well under way improving the current rankings. Alas – not to be!



Do keep the comments coming so I know that my time in making these updates is not misspent. Obviously with a lack of feedback from my readers, the more reason for me not to bother making my projects live on the blog here, and I’ll just stick to the common theme for the SEO fraternity whereby they maintain a secrecy about their methods. Its fun for me to do these write ups, but only if I get feedback from my readers – if there’s a lack of feedback, there’s little reason for me to continue on as now. So all those who choose to lurk each time they visit my blog, perhaps its time to add your voice to the proceedings also.

Thank you for reading!

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210 thoughts on “Post 5 – Fast Google Rankings Project”

  1. Just wanted to say that I am no longer lurking but giving feedback as you requested. I’m enjoying reading about your project and with so many going at one time it’s hard to keep up! I don’t know how you find the time to keep track of everything. Maybe one day you could do a “Day In the Life of Joseph Archibald SEO King” post. I really appreciate the fiverr info as well.

    1. Have you found in the past that doing press releases helped increase rankings?

    2. When you create a new site how long do you wait before you start to monetize it? For ex. if you use adsense would you put adsense code on it right away or wait a few days/weeks?

    3. I’m about purchase BMR through your link but I want to be sure about the linking strategy. For a new site how many links would you suggest to go for each day?

    Thanks for answering any questions if you have time!

  2. Hey Tai, not sure about the “SEO King” accolade. I’m happy to share my insights into how to make this SEO and IM game a bit more profitable, is all, but thanks for the sentiment! ;-)

    I dare not share “a day in the life of Joseph Archibald” because those who are on the game with regards to utilizing their time wisely would ridicule me no-end! Take this for example – I love to be a refresh guy – refresh my AdSense account countless times a day – even tho the income on there is piddly :-); refresh about 50 different kwd rankings every day – at least 2 or 3 times over ;-) – there’s a whole lot of “refresh guy” in me, regardless the fact that the gurus would say its all a precious waste of time. I refute that totally – for me, if I did not refresh and refresh again, my motivation for doing the slog each day would be far less than what it is. I LOVE being the refresh guy, LOL! Obviously there are some days that this is not possible and obviously if you have a small amount of time to spend online each day, then the refresh game cannot be quite on the same level as my own :-)

    Your questions:
    1. press releases – I’ve not used them much simply because I don’t know the craft behind creating a good PR myself, and in the past, its often been the case that its expensive to outsource. With this gig on Fiverr however, its a different ball game – 20 bucks for a good PR and submission too. Plus I’ll use the same write up to go to other Fiverr gigs and get them to submit to different PR sites for me.

    2. I tend to monetize a site straight away or else there’s a good chance I’d forget to :-) I know some folks say don’t monetize until you achieve good rankings. I don’t see why not. However, it is fact that Goog will be thumping sites more and more if you are not careful with how you monetize. Over-monetizing a webpage is sure to become a no-no if you want to retain your Goog rankings.

    3. With the current project I bumped up the BMR post submission to 7 – 10 per day, but for most sites I either pop it on “Random” daily submission or 1 – 3 posts per day.

    Hope that is helpful Tai!

  3. Yeah – it is addictive, particularly as you make more money and get better rankings ;-) The way to break the addiction is to keep messing up on your rankings, and therefore make less money, LOL!

  4. Think i’ll have to try some of these fiverr gigs myself, just need to add more content to my niche site first :) Out in Moscow for four weeks at the moment so will have to wait till i get back to UK unless i get bored in the evenings.

  5. Здравствуйте Trevor! Как поживаешь?

    If you get bored in the evenings, I’m sure there’s plenty of Vodka to help keep you chirpy and nice and warm (although apparently vodka makes you colder, whereas Cognac makes you literally warmer, so I read some time ago).

    There’s no doubt that Fiverr gigs can play a part in any SEO campaign – its just a case of figuring out how you want to proceed with the campaign and then matching up the gig to your needs. Its actually a lot of fun searching through what is available on there – there’s a whole lot of gems to be found!

    Is it snowing in Moscow yet? I spent a couple of winters in and around Moscow some years back – incredibly beautiful, if a tad on the cold side!

    Have fun!

  6. Hey Joe,

    Interesting experiment you got going. I knew you’d dig on fiverr. If you have a strategy and used correctly, it is in of itself a great tool.

    I see adsense has been tricky with you. I, in fact, have had the opposite problem. I’ve had problems with affiliate marketing and other monetization methods, so I turned to Adsense. I was slowly, but steadily making progress, keyword research, setting up sites, layouts, color schemes, ad placements CTR, etc. Then I got “Clickbombed!” Ouch! I had notified Google, twice, took the ads off the site in question, but too late, they disbanded my Adsense account. I’ve sent in an appeal laying out all the measures I had taken, refered to the two notifications I had sent them prior, etc. yet after a week , still haven’t heard back. I’ve applied for another account changing some of my personal details, if nothing happens from that I have a couple of more options to try before giving up totally on adsense.

    It would be great if you could do a post on monetization. I haven’t had any luck with it
    How you choose which method to go with.
    What are the numbers and ratio’s like as far as visits to buyers, ect.

    Anyway, sounds like you’re kicking a.. and taking names.

    Best regards,
    Dave from Kiev

  7. The challenge seems to be working fine. I would indeed do something about the monetization part. Try tweaking AdSense and of course look for other sources of potential income.
    I bet you have a lot of competitors to assess and get some ideas for your own site.

    I’m still freaking out about your VA’s bill. I mean, it’s not a small mistake. $114 instead of $25? What the hell happened?

  8. Hi Dave, yeah, I’m enjoying my times on! ;-)

    AdSense has rarely been my forte to be honest, with a few exceptions however. Some times I’ve done very nicely with it, but generally its been a waste of space on my sites. On this current project site, its a bit of a waste of space at the moment but I wanna just see how it fares if I get my main kwd into top ten on Google. I did get another click on the site today for $1.60 but considering the traffic levels from Bing and Yahoo, 2 clicks in all is not cutting it – in fact, its safe to say its absolutely pathetic!

    OUCH! Click-bombed huh? Sounds like one of your competitors got click happy very possibly – I’ve heard tales of that happening a few times. Nasty business if indeed it does occur! And I have also heard a number of times about folks pleading with AdSense or indeed AdWords to lift account bans, but generally those pleads tend to fall on deaf ears – its like the Goog we know very well – what do they care if your business goes down the tubes overnight – as long as they are making a ton of money, they could care less about us small guys and gals trying to eek out a meagre living online.

    But yeah, there are sometimes ways around that situation – as you are intent on doing – opening up another AdSense account under a different name. Not sure how it would look if you did get a new account under a different name and then popped AdSense back on this particular group of sites though Dave. You may have to start over with a bunch of new domain names to truly be able to fleece the god that we know to be called Google.

    Doing a post on monetization – I’ve yet to get around to figuring how I’m gonna monetize this project site. I sense a Clickbank product on the home page could potentially do wonders (and if I do get top ten in Goog, it may well be time to get someone to help me out with the monetization cos I’m so busy juggling everything else around), but for the inner pages I’m just not sure as of yet – AdSense is obviously not gonna do on those pages, that’s already been proven. So I’m kinda scratching my head a bit at the moment.

    What I would tend to suggest though is this – check out your main competitors sites within your chosen niches and see how they play the game. Not to say you have to do it their way cos I sense quite often when I check top ranking sites even in hi end niches – they appear to be missing out on some things that would potentially bring them good cash flow. But its a good way to get a feel for what does work and what does not, since fairly often – particularly in the higher end niches, the sites that are ranking hi have been there for a while and they know the game play well enough. Why re-invent the wheel then?

    Good luck with things Dave and let us know how things pan out for you! Oh, have you thought about CPA offers perhaps? If you get one that is tightly focused on your ranking kwds you can make a mint for yourself on CPA’s. That’s easier said than done though – oftentimes CPA offers flop horribly, but they could be worth searching out and seeing what is out there. I use a site called – its like a CPA brokerage and it holds very many different offers all under the one roof.


  9. Yeah I hear ya Cristina! Yesterday (US time) the site had 33 uniques with 50 page views (not the highest but the trend is generally upwards) so that should be enough to be making some income on a daily basis if it was tightly monetized to the “client” group. And yes – I need to spend some time on my competitors sites and get to grips with this particular niche, which quite honestly I don’t know much about.

    The VA – I got a sneaking feeling I’ll be on the losing end of this dispute. He’s not bothered to respond to my email, which is understandable I guess. I have a good mind to take my method of payment out of Odesk altogether since this is utterly ridiculous and that b…stard should be taught a lesson for trying to steal money from me. If I go through with the dispute, it takes up to 4 days to decide, by which time payment will have been taken from my account. Not a good situation to be in since I’ve been relying on Odesk to get outsourcers for almost 2 years now. Maybe its time for a change then…

  10. Oh by da way Cristina, we had a click on our jv site yesterday for 91 pence UK – what’s that in US – about $1.45 or so. And I read your opt in post about using Twitter in the manner you did with great interest! Anyone wanting to learn how to harness Twitter to your gain, go over to Cristina’s blog and opt in to her – erm, opt in!

  11. Hi Jo

    Я хорошо спасибо (google translate)

    Just a little bit of snow here in Moscow at the moment. I have been to several other cities in Russia too this year, very interesting country. I can see why you had a Russian wife if only for a while:)

    The 2 worst experiences i have ever had (although i can’t remember them) with alcohol have been down to vodka so i avoid that now:) But the cognac sounds good.

  12. Hello guys. It is very nice of you to speak Russian here :). I never liked this language as we were forced to study it at school instead of English. They used to tell us that Russia is our friend and USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, etc. were our enemies (imperialist countries). In the Czech Republic we once did not have unemployed because we had socialism :D. Luckily these times are over and we can now study English, French, Russian and any other language without problem:).

  13. Ah that’s good Trevor, and you are welcome! :-)

    Yeah – the Russian ladies are, em, rather stunning, aren’t they! The stunning part is only skin deep however, if you get my meaning ;-)

    Russian home – made vodka is a different matter to the old Smirnoff stuff whch is oh so popular in the UK though Trevor, so if you have the chance, you may wish to give it a go. No doubt you have already however. That said, like you – I’d not be able to handle much of it either these days – seems the older you become the less immune you are to the “day after”. I bought a liter of the stuff on the way back from Singapore not long ago and boy – after over-imbibing one night, I could hardly get out of bed for the next 3 days. :-)

  14. Hey Michal, I never liked the language either but my ex used to threaten me with Russian mafia brutality if I did not sit at the kitchen table each evening for an hour a time reading Solzhenitzyn written in the Ruski lingo ;-) Я говорю на русском; Я говорю на русском; Я говорю на русском

    But yeah, times have sincerely changed things where you are, but I get the impression that a lot of mother Russia itself is still very much stuck in the prehistoric past.

  15. There’s certainly a big difference between Moscow and some of the reginal cities i have been too.

    I have also been to Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus this year all beautiful countries. I would say they are trying to become more western and modern and to loose the Russian influence.

  16. One thing I loved about traveling within Russia was the old trains they have Trevor – and I presume they still have ‘em? They were a bit like what I imagine the Orient Express to be like – really quaint old “steam ships” slowly meandering along the tracks – views outside were often very lovely – filled with forests of beriozka (birch trees). No one going any place fast. A 900km trip – what’s that – about 500 miles, would take 18 hours or so which gave plenty of time to have a good few Russian beers, some second rate vegetarian food (Russia are not so hot on the old veggie burgers, are they? LOL!) and a bit of a snooze too.

  17. Well very nice update Jo I have been curious as to how things have been going. I have noticed this stuck in 11 phenomenon too although to be fair with my site it has only been there for a little under a week. I would be removing my Credit Card from Odesk before they took the cash if someone was trying to steal that money from me …. Hopefully Odesk fixes this but if they don’t that would suck.

    It sounds like you are just one jump away from getting some rankings from your main term. I would guess that if you can get in the top 20 you will start getting some light traffic from main term (although I am sure the big traffic would come when you are in top 10)

    If you are a lurker come on out and comment so Joseph does not feel like it is not worth his time to keep this out in the public … :) With all the crap that is out there claiming great SEO and get rich quick is refreshing to have a source of honest knowledge and I for one would hate to see us lose it !!!!

  18. Yeah Blake, the “stuck at 11th” in Goog seems to be a fairly common-place thing. Let me just “refresh” to see if I’m still stuck at 11th… yup, still stuck.

    I think that Odesk would not allow me to remove my source of payment due to the fact there is an impending expense on there. In fact, I’ve already filed my side of the dispute, and he’s made his reply – here is one sentence he’s written…

    “Hello, 27 BMR articles of 5 hours? including the research, editing, and following formats? I think he need to do it by himself and not to hire contractors if that so.”

    In essence, he is saying that its not at all possible to write 27 BMR posts within 5 hours. LOL – is he so stupid? Most folks can write 27 BMR posts within about 3 – 4 hours, and not 20.67 hours that he’s claiming it took him. Man, I’m so annoyed at this whole thing!! I feel like emailing him and saying “you dumb … I used to write 30 BMR posts a day within about 3 hours, so of course I know full well what it takes to write BMR posts”. I’ll wait till tomorrow to cool down and gain a fresh mind before I escalate this to the next level. Obviously I’m not going to take this lying down as he is a lying thieving piece of work and we can’t have them offering us guys and gals their services so they can simply steal our money time and again.

    Yeah, a top 20 ranking for the main term would no doubt start to see some early traffic on Goog for that particular term. Hopefully, its only a matter of time.

    LOL – lurkers come out come out where-ever you’re from!

  19. Why did he accept the job if he doesn’t know what a BMR post is?
    How much research and editing do you need for a 150-word article?? Your comment alone has almost 300. That guy is ridiculous.

  20. Cristina, I did specify in the ad that writing (in English) would be a large part of the job at hand. However, I did not specify that writing BMR posts would be part of the job. He is claiming that to write a BMR post for “highly technical subject matter such as a law-related subjects” was very tricky and thus it took him much longer to figure this one out. Like okay – this means it took literally 42 minutes per BMR post. Erm, is it me who is missing something? 42 minutes to write a 150 – 170 word post?

  21. Wow..that totally sucks about your bill! I would be totally pissed myself.

    As far as adsense clicks, thats is strange that you are not receiving very many. Where do you have it placed and what colors are you using to blend it in with the layout of the blog? Are you using thesis on the one for the them?

    Anyways, sounds good with the whole throwing backlinks at a new domain and i dont really think that google will toss you out of the rankings if you continue like you are. The more i think about it, what if i just went and blasting a million backlinks at my competitors site in one day. Would google have to toss them out of the top ten over what i did? lol Its just something that i think about..

    I enjoy these post and will continue to do so for as long as you keep them coming..

    Goodluck Jo!

    ~ Casey

  22. Yeah Casey – the whole thing sucks, but its a mere blip in the life of an internet marketer and just one other issue to deal with along the pathway to success and fulfilment. We must keep focused on the over-all game plan after all, and not the silly blips that spoil the occasional day or week. Mind you, its good to have a “blog rant” here and there :-)

    AdSense on the project site – I’ve merely set it up like I do with most of my AdSense related sites. Not had time to fiddle around with the placement, nor with other monetizing strategies. Although late this evening I did have a look at some of the competitors sites, and in my opinion, they are fairly poor on the whole. One in top ten had a Clickbank product. Some had AdSense which I can’t believe is performing particularly well. A couple had CPA offers which I have looked into but am not totally sold on this at all. One had a list building feature tho (although not a pop-over – it was simply a small sidebar “option”). Gee – even in such a hi end niche, the top sites are all over the place. Makes you wonder if this is the doing of Google, in that they’ve demoted a number of the better sites over the past year or two…. Seems to me the niche is wide open to a good website that is highly optimized in monetization terms. But Goog being (greedy) Goog, may have different ideas – who knows…

    So are we still killin fruit flies Casey, or gone off the idea of late? Here in Malaysia fruit flies are not at all a concern cos its all about mozzies. Mozzies make me think of Google – they feed off real human blood to make their living! I.e. vampires…

  23. Hi,

    I haven’t been commenting too much around here lately but I just wanted to let you know that it’s these kinds of posts that make your site one of the best hidden gems on the internet.

    There is so much valuable information in this post alone. Keep up the good work!

    - Matt

  24. HA! The lack of response from me lately has been directly correlated with an increase in the amount of work I’ve been doing because of this blog!! Keep up the great work sir!

  25. Just read through all the comments and they’re great. Just opted into Optima Lifestyle. I gotta clean house on my opt-ins though. Lots of them I don’t even want to read any more. This site is such a gem that the big guys just seem lame.

    As far as BMR, I write all mine myself, in a niche that I already know, and I can write them fairly fast. But I’ve started into a niche I don’t know and I can still write a good 10 an hour if I’m dedicated.

  26. Hey Matt – thanks for taking the time to swoop by sir – I know you are busy as the bee! And thanks for the feedback about my hidden gem of a blog – the next beer’s on me! :-) Hope things are going well your end – you back in Taiwan yet or still over in Canada?

  27. “Well, I mentioned in the previous post that I was ranking 11th for my secondary kwd phrase – the one that gets around 8.1k global searches a month in Google (according to Google stats). Guess what – its still ranking 11th. I’ve noticed time and again that this is often the case. Its as if Google are assessing your webpage for some time before they allow you to move over the threshold and into the top ten. In fact, one of my jv sites is seeing the exact same thing – the webpage has been sitting in 11th for quite some time, regardless the amount of backlinking its receiving.”

    Whats that all about Jo, I see the same thing. How can it be we get stuck at 11th ! wierd as hell. and its not just one domain nor is it just my sotes but i have clients coming to me with the same problem.!! I have a theory which im goign to test. if its stuck wackit with a ton of links. sure it will drop like hell but i recon it might just bouncce back into top ten then. a google Jiggle if you will.. not ofr the faint hearted though.

    With Odesk. No way do i do hoursly charge stuff any longer. Fixed price or forget it. No up front payments either.

    I have seom great BMR writers now and no way can i write BMR’s as fast as they can for $1 per hour charged out..

    I had a guy just today start on doing a bunch of BMR’s after he had done 50 and submitted them he said “im an expert at BMR so now youve seen how good i aim Ill be doubling the price..”
    Me – “Ah no dude fixed price I said”
    him – “Ok well ill double the price for the next batch”
    Me – “Hum, whatnext batch :-), you aint that good :-)” LOL

    Somepeople.. Another BMR is just super writer and gets the market price for BMR’s for 800 word articles shes pushing $15 as she know her value in that market..

    BTW Jo dont you just love the £0.01 clicks.. Why the Beeep do they exist :-) still every £0.01 adds up :-(

    Hey Ho its all fun.

    Lastly if we write lots of comments do you do more posts :-)

  28. And now you are trying to sway folks in favour of Cristina’s blog – OMG, what’s going on here. I hear you regards to the amount of opt ins you can have – I too had to do a mass clear out a long while back because it was getting ridiculous. And when there was a big “GURU” offer on half of them would jump on the same bandwagon and try to push the thing down your throat. Utter greed is what that is!

    BMR writing – there you go – you can write about 10 or more in an hour. Fair enough, some folks cannot because they struggle a bit with their English so it takes longer. But to claim that it takes 45 minutes for each BMR post is utterly ridiculous. There – you got me all hot and bothered all over – I gotta go write up my retort to his rejection of my claims now anyhow – cool down Joseph and think clearly! This is where my yogic master skills should come in handy :-)

  29. Joseph, can see you are doing awesome with the site, I know your goal was to go with a newish domain from the get go, but might it not have been easier to go for an aged domain with page rank to get that google trust factor, that’s what am doing right now and finding I can be very aggressive with the link building without all that jumping around, sorry I’ve not been on your block for a while, but it’s all your fault inspiring us to get busy and take action ):

  30. Well I was going to tell you to definitely keep producing these posts as they are invaluable, but you’ve already got loads of comments. Oh well, I’ve said it now anyway… ;)

    Really good stuff Jo – very interested to see how this story develops.

  31. Hey Jo, great job you’re doing here as always :)

    Adsense: I’m certainly no guru, and I want out of the adsense game (by out I mean I want alternative income sources) since The Almighty (goog) is so edgy with their ban-stick. But on my sites so far it seems to work like a hot-damn! For example one site recently has averaged about 6 dollars a day. That seems reasonable for the amount of work I put in (and I do it ALL myself).
    The 1 pence click was maybe not a “CPC click”?… Adsense has a few CPM ads as well that you get paid a few pennies here and there for. Not sure if thats what it was because I’m sure there are some low cpc too lol

    BMR: I write my own, and ya it’s pretty easy. I use EZA personally. Just find an article in my niche and rewrite it like a lot of people do. 3-4 in 20-30 minutes with no problem. Even my kids write them for me (if they want their dinner anyway!) So not to add fuel to the fire, but 42 minutes PER POST is just absurd. Even ODesk *must* know that???

    P.S. I’m kidding I usually feed them anyway.

  32. Steve, the one on my project site which is stuck at 11th (still is today) – I have been hitting it fairly hard with backlinks to no avail – the darn thing just refuses to budge in Google! Not sure why Goog are playing this game these days but there’s obviously some sneaky reason for it.

    Regards to the oDesk debacle (and its really pissing me off now – such a waste of time) – I have fleeting moments of desperation (much like you most probably) whereby I am in desperate need to hand over the reins of much of my gunk work to someone whom I can trust. Obviously I got that well and truly wrong in this case however! The vast majority of my outsourcing is fixed rate such as my BMR outsourcing, but this one got away from me – ouch!! I’m the guy who tries to see the good in people first, then gets whacked for doing so on occasion. Such is life I guess – as you say, there are many gems to be found when it comes to outsourcing, but unfortunately there are also many con artists who’d prefer to spoil it for everyone else.

    LOL about the guy who wanted to double his price cos he is a “great” BMR post writers. All my BMR writers are great – providing their posts are not rejected, LOL! Who cares how great they are, as long as they get the job done is all that matters, right? No disrespect to anyone intended!

    0.01 clicks in AdSense – I guess they exist so Google can get 99% of the profit on that one.

    If you write loadsa comments, I’ll be inclined to do more post ups, yes. To the point of boring everyone to tears that they decide to no longer comment I guess :-)

  33. Hey Tony, no worries about not being on my block for a while ;-)

    Yes, buying up an aged domain and bashing it with backlinks early on makes sense. In this case I wanted to see if I could do the same with a new domain name. Plus, the domain name I did purchase is nicely kwd rich to the niche which I sense will serve me well in the rankings also – now, and in future. Dere is da method in da madness, Tony :-) Best wishes with your aged domain!

  34. Yeah Tom, and I’m sure you’ve been noting some of the comments about being stuck in 11th in Goog too…

    I’m gonna up the ante on the project site today and possibly double up on the backlinks. Google – I hope you are not listening :-)

  35. We’re still in Canada but we’ll be back in Taiwan before Chinese New Year. That’ll be around mid-January.

    I guess we’ll have to swing through Malaysia for a beer on our way over. ;-)

  36. Thank you Jim!

    Good going with your AdSense income – surely beats my paltry income from AdSense!

    Yeah – could well be that the 0.01 click was a cpm ad or something like that. Or it could be that the clickee found my webpage with the “wrong” kwd or via the “back door” if that makes sense.

    I tallied up the time it took for this guy to write each BMR post for me, and its actually over 45 minutes as opposed to 42. He claimed that he wrote a number of posts over 200 words hence it took him so long. Even then he’s still got the stats well and truly wrong. Anyways – why would he be writing 200+ word posts for BMR? Some posts he wrote 160 – 170 words, so its not like he did not know the required word count. Wish I had kids to write my BMR posts – would avoid all this nonsense!

    Quote… “I’m kidding I usually feed them anyway”.
    LOL – that’s nice of ya! ;-)

  37. Oh Matt – that’s a lengthy stay in Canada – hope you are coping fine with the cold and the shortened days!

    Is Chinese NY mid January this time around? Early, isn’t it. I bet they can’t wait to get their fireworks on the go – darn nuisance so it is – there should be a law against it… grumble grumble…

    You’d be most welcome to swing on over to Kuching for a beer or five sir. Let me know if you can make it and we can grumble about the noisy fireworks together!

  38. Ah, Canada. Actually I have snow and its here to stay for sure. Next four days will be about an additional 6-8 inches of the blasted stuff :( and cold as Moscow too I’m sure LOL in fact I checked and yes bang on, same temperature!)

    Mexico can’t come soon enough :(

  39. And how cold is Moskva at the moment Jim? I remember standing out in Red Square some years ago for the new year festivities and it was about minus 16 or something, but it gets all the colder in other parts of Ruski land – coldest I’ve ever experienced there was minus 26 and that was enough reason to stop off for a few shots of wodka! I guess it gets pretty darn cold up your way too!

    Another click on da project site – 2 in all today for a grand total of 30 pence UK which is about 50 cents US. Wealth is fast approaching fo shure!! I dunno – I may joke about it, but if it keeps up at this sorta ratio when/if I get the “biggie” in top ten in Goog, could be seeing some real nice cash flow from AdSense after all.

  40. Um I don’t know if you use C or F Jo! I’m comfortable with both so I’ll use C and (f) in brackets :p

    Moskva is a balmy -7 (19) at the moment according to the net, and its the same here (a degree warmer). But later this week it will drop to -15 (5). Then the cold (yes this is still warm here) hits by mid December and we chill out until February spending weeks at a time at -22 (-8) to -35 (-31). With about 6 feet of snow mixed in there too. Now that I think about it I have to ask….any room for me in there Jo? Worst I experienced was -50 C…no lie…Christmas 1998.

    All those “Adsense Guys” are actually right. If you’re laser focused enough Goog nails it after a month or two and your CPC increases as well as your CTR. So ya, I bet you’ll be doing great with your site :) At least I sincerely hope so!

  41. Centigrade for me Jim – I come from the odd country where the teach centigrade for temperature and miles for distance rather than either old fashioned or metric for both, if that makes sense.

    My oh my – minus 22 to minus 35 is the norm with you in mid winter? And you hit minus 50 one year – that’s like the ice age hit town all over! And I thought that living in Scotland was cold (generally around +6 to -6 in mid winter). I don’t know how you can bare that! Yeah, here in Malaysia, its about 32 centigrade at mid-day, maybe a little higher and that tends to be the norm all year round – between 28 and 38C. You’d be most welcome to head on over this way to avoid your winter-times! I’ve got an Austrian friend coming to stay here in a weeks time – he’s also into the IM game so we should get along real well. The more the merrier though is what I say! ;-)

    CPC on the project site is all over the place right now – from 1 penny to 1 UK pound ($1.60 US). However, as you say, if the biggie does reach top ten in Goog, then the CPC may level out and do fairly well. 43 uniques to the site so far today and that’s the second highest ever. I think its all coming from Bing and Yahoo though.

  42. Canada is getting cold but on the west coast where I am doesn’t get too cold. It’s still above freezing here but I haven’t seen temps this cold in nearly a decade. I got spoiled in Asia.

    We most likely won’t be stopping by even though I’ve always wanted to. My wife is due in March so we will be pretty rooted in Taiwan until after the baby is born.

  43. That’s the same in Scotland then Matt – its a bit warmer on the west coast due to the semi-tropical breezes carried over by the Atlantic.

    Ah, no worries about not stopping by. Is this your first child? I wish you both well!

  44. Hey Joe,

    Well, I ended up with another adsense account. However, the whole ordeal has me a little spooked and doing a bit of a rethink on the whole “Adsense” business model that is preached by these Adsense “Gurus” like Spencer over at Niche Profits and the 2 Adsense Flippers guys. It’s interesting because during the whole debacle I not only searched there blogs for answers but other blogs which preach the whole”build site in bulk, throw on the adsense” model for answers on “clickbombing” preventative measures, protecting your account etc. Their info was thin at best. They talk about following Google’s TOS, but don’t talk about protecting yourself against a “clickbomber” and how easily a “clickbomber” can destroy your business model while you sleep. All they mention is well the risk is just an inconvenience more or less, open 2 or 3 adsense accounts. Ther are only so many address changes one can make or adding and dropping an initial on your name. They also say to simply incorporate an LLC and open another account that way, which could be a right pain and a little costly too, more than an inconvenience I’d say.

    Anyway, my advice, monitor your adsense account frequently, read over the advice given at the adsense forum under protecting yourself against “clickbombing”, but more than anything else, make sure you diversify. These “Adsense and Adsense Flipping Gurus” when push comes to shove don’t have all the answers, especially when you loose your adsesnse account, a real chink in their armour and business model.

    Best regards,
    Dave from Kiev

    P.S. sorry for the rant. but some food for thought in regards to Adsense.

  45. Dave,
    I absolutely agree with you man. That’s exactly why I’m so intent on diversifying my income. I traded stocks for extra income and admit I did quite well, and yet the anxiety of holding a stock that was losing money was nothing compared to the fear I have of Google smacking my sorry arse with the ban-stick.
    TOS? My ass LOL it’s ridiculous to think all the people banned were violating the TOS…I’m sure plenty were mind you, but just like Panda buried legit sites I’m sure many Adsense accounts were crucified just because they somehow got caught in the cross-fire.
    If you have any advice on dealing with clickbombs or “invalid click activity” don’t hesitate to share! I’d love any tips on avoiding your misfortune.

  46. Hey Dave, yes this idea about an LLC I think suits those in the US better than other countries – I may be wrong about that since I’ve never actually done it, but one of my US-based jv partners did it recently and it was a breeze for him (even though he’s verging on bankruptcy). I suspect if you are seeing (or were seeing) really hi levels of AdSense income, then that pain in the ass route of opening an LLC would certainly be worthwhile, but otherwise – maybe not.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with you – its all too easy to get caught up in one monetizing strategy, particularly if you are seeing very good results from it, but its not a solid long term policy to do this. Much safer by far to boil up your eggs then set them apart in a variety of monetary baskets. There is absolutely no way I’d plump for one or even the two monetization methods, simply because I know its way too risky. This whole IM game is risky, so no need to add to that risk by simply focusing all your time and efforts on a single method of monetization.

    Sorry that this is causing you a series of severe headaches Dave! One way around it is to get a girlfriend you can trust implicitly and use her name and bank account ;-) Although I’ve not done that with AdSense, I do use my gf’s account quite often for making online purchases simply to avoid the stupid UK 20% value added tax thing. Furthermore, I also use her account for a number of other reasons too, but I’ll not go into that here and now :-) Being an ex bankrupt which I am can severly limit your capabilities when it comes to setting up bank accounts and getting credit cards, you see. So you gotta figure ways around the problem, even if that means crossing over the red tape.

    Rants are good – I love a rant on my blog! Maybe I should change the name of it from to!

  47. Hello Jim,

    Here is a page with a couple of links I found most helpful when it comes to “clickbombing”.

    Anyway, I also think that focussing more on products and tangible type goods and solutions when doing keyword research and creating sites is also a good idea, so you could possibly have more monetization options would be the best way to go. Adsense on new sites as you build traffic and begin to see small, but regular income isn’t a bad idea, especially for informational type sites. Then once these sites reach a certain steady income level, bundle them up and sell them on flipper. Managing 100-200 or more sites, looking over your shoulder for clickbombers isn’t the way I want to play this game, do you.

    Bottom line Adsense sites are OK for certain niches and strategies, but learning how to monetize successfully with other strategies like CPA’s, Affiliate Marketing, and even selling Advertising Space (some people are making a killing with that too) would be the way to go as it would diversify your porfolio, give you more options and create more stability in your online efforts, for now and into the future.

    Would love to hear Joe’s take on selling advertising on some of his sites. Any luck? I hear some are making a killing and most of their online income is based on selling advertising alone….

    Good luch,
    Dave from Kiev

  48. Selling advertising space Dave – I’ve been asked to do it and actually did do it on my 40 Day Challenge site which was – would you believe that it was gambling related ads that I was hosting on there? LOL! Often its the case however that your site needs to be seeing really hi traffic volumes before you can make it pay. However, if you’ve gained some good rankings in the search engines, folks do occasionally ask about advertising on your sites (I’ve had a few queries for advertising on a couple of my travel sites before now simply due to their visibility in Google and not because they were gaining hi levels of traffic). Or indeed, you can be more pro-active and go out there and find those folks, which I believe is what Pat Flynn attempted to do with his security guard training site – not by emailing them, but by actually phoning up various companies in the niche. What he diid was assessed his income from AdSense, then make a judgement call on this – if he took the AdSense off, how much would he be losing a month – and that provided a figure to base his advertising fees upon – a sound way to go about it!

    Another way to go about things however is to list build. Yes, yes – we’ve all heard about how much money you can make in list building and how to spam your list day after day after day. No doubt there is a real craft in this, but I feel its a craft well worth learning simply because it can get you out of the clutches of Google to a large extent. The key to successful list building is to be very much in touch with your audience. And although I’ve not often used list building as a foundation to my income, there’s no doubt that more and more I will be doing it since it can be oh so hugely successful if you get things just right! Take my old mate Rob Cornish for example. He created a product, got in touch with a couple of main-stream list builders in his niche, which was stock market trading (he’s an ex hedge fund manager in London so he knows a bit about the nuances of that side of things), and within 3 days of the product going live, he made himself about $18 grand. And he was merely receiving a 20% cut on profits. Furthermore, he did not rely on Google one little bit to see this amount of cash flow. Hmmm… I like it!!

  49. I thought I would make a comment to share the stats for the project site for yesterday – yesterday meaning that I’m basing the stats on MST as opposed to GMT or the time as it is in Malaysia. I may make a habit of this – not that I want to bore you all, but rather – just keep us all abreast of how things are progressing in terms of both traffic to the site and income generated.

    I mentioned in an earlier comment that the site had received 41 uniques. I’m a dumb clutz sometimes – that was actually page views according to Google AdSense. The site received 33 unique visitors with some 62 page views. That’s good considering there are only 8 live posts on the site as we speak – I need to get some more written up to keep things fresh. Any one want to offer up their writing services?? I’m happy to pay out at 13 bucks per 500 – 600 word post, which is what I paid the writer on oDesk originally. Odesk – just writing the name gives me a bad taste in my mouth right now.

    As previously mentioned, all traffic is coming from Yahoo and Bing, and the site now has a top ten ranking in Yahoo for the main kwd phrase – let me just double check that to be sure its still there as Yahoo and Bing have the habit of changing the rankings fairly dramatically very often so it would seem… Yup, its in 7th spot in Yahoo. Seems a bit odd that considering the kwd phrase gets 450k global search a month in Google, and yet I’ve only had 33 uniques today. But perhaps its because this ranking is fresh and only materialized fairly late on in the proceedings.

    Nevertheless, along with this new ranking has come a new high in terms of clicks on AdSense ads. 5 in all today, which equates to a 10.64% click thru on the site. Not bad! The income from that is still pretty paltry though – 1.07 UK, which is around $1.70 US. I’m not worried however – if I do manage to gain a top ten ranking in Goog, I’m making the presumption that the cpc will rise. It is a presumption and its not based on any solid evidence – merely gut instinct. I did mention before that if I gained top ten rankings for the main kwd, I sensed that AdSense would start seeing more clicks – it would appear that this is indeed correct, although to be sure about that, let’s see how things go in the coming days…

    Looking good thus far!

  50. Hey Joe,

    What kind of numbers could one possibly expect from an Affiliate site. I mean, I know it’s all about the niche, product keywords etc. But like with google it’s easy to calculate a click through rate. How many visitors to an affiliate site actually click over to say Amazon, then buy a product in your estimation? Say for every 100 visitors to your website, 10 will click over to Amazon and 1 will actually buy, etc.
    Are the ratios better when targeting longtail, lower volume, lower competition buyer keywords than say higher volume, higher competitive, more general keywords? Just trying to get a feel for the numbers in Affiliate marketing.

    It’s interesting because adsense targeted site designs, you want the ads, colors etc. to blend in more with the content, whereas with affiliate sites you want more bold call to action site colors, designs and content. Affiliate sites it seems do better with content that tells a story, content that sells, whereas adsense sites, you want to give them enough information that’s relevant, but you want the information that the ads provide to stand out a little more, for the click.

    Interesting stuff.

    Best regards,
    Dave from Kiev

  51. Guys, you’ve been very active during last night (Europe time). It took me long to catch up this time.

    I’ve read what you say about AdSense gurus. The thing is that their business model ultimately does not rely on AdSense. They make a ton of money out of the non-guru guys who visit their sites, sign up for their newsletters and buy their “Get rich with AdSense” courses.
    Would you sleep better if you had such a backup in case Google kicked you out of AdSense?

    you are killing me when you talk about the temperatures in Canada. My first winter in Scandinavia was the coldest in the previous 27 years. They call it Ice Winter for obvious reasons. The country run out of salt to clean the the snow on the roads (nobody expected it to be so hard). Average temperature was -13 ºC and only once in three months we hit positive degrees (celsius).
    Now, imagine how my Mediterranean genes survived in that weather. Lol.

  52. @Dave,
    I just read your last comment. I have to say that very often IM guys forget completely about the design of the site.
    I know design is not a priority, but as a customer, when I look for something and Google takes me to an ugly site I tend to close it asap. If I’m not staying in that site for more than 10 seconds obviously I won’t click on its AdSense.
    IM’ers tend to forget that customers buy with their eyes. You don’t need a fancy expensive design, but at least a clean enticing one.

  53. Hi Dave, those sort of stats depend entirely on the niche and kwds you’ve got ranking – as you correctly mentioned. Often you will find that many folks will click thru on your product links – say to Amazon, but they will not buy – they merely browse. That may come down to a seasonal thing too, however. Folks browsing for swim wear in the post Christmas period, just to see what’s available on the market for when they actually book their summer holidays.

    In the earlier days, I bought up a whole raft of (copyright infringing) domain names and fairly promptly gained a number of top 10 rankings, along with quite a few top spot rankings. Traffic levels were never really high, but the click through rate to Amazon – all of the sites were based on Amazon affiliation – was very high – if memory serves me well, the ratios were something like 15% site visitors actually clicked thru to Amazon. But the actual buying rate was something awful – about 0.4% for most months, then in November and December, that rose up hugely to around 5 or 6%. Thus I tend to really love Christmas – more so now than any time since I was a kid ;-)

    Yup – ratios of click thru are better if you target long tails in your niche, no doubting that! Those domain names I bought way back in the day were all very much “buyer specific” and generally speaking – fairly long tail too. Low search volumes, but hi click thru ratios on affiliate links. Mind you, even though back then I had little idea what I was doing, I had a clickable image above the fold, along with a couple of text-based links above the fold, so my sites were very much “buyer friendly” if you will, LOL! These sort of sites are the ones that Google are probably not gonna be liking witihin the next year or so (clamping down on them already), so I’m happy to have gotten out of that market.

    AdSense – sometimes it works well if you blend your ads with the site content, but often as not, I tend to make my ads stand out big time. Not to say I am super hot with my AdSense capabilities, but some sites do very well with this schematic – some of them have upwards of 15% click thru which is pretty good, and those also have ads that stick out like the proverbial sore thumb! Mind you, in the days gone by when I was seeing a nice income from eBay, I also had AdSense on many of those hundred plus sites, and although the click – thru was very poor on the whole, it all added up to a pretty penny!

    The real action tends to happen above the fold Dave, although if you are really super on your site content, this does not need to be the case at all. You simply draw people in on the value you offer time and time again – in other words, you get a lot of repeat custom to your sites cos folks simply can’t get enough of what you are offering – much akin to a really good blog. Folks get to know your stuff and the word gets out about it – you can indeed create the same scenario with a more static type of website, where you may be only updating content a couple of times a month. This is where the concept of list building comes into its own since you build a relationship with your potential customers as the weeks progress into months.

  54. Cristina – good point about the AdSense gurus – they make a very good living from folks buying their glossy products. That’s often the case, with a few exceptions to the rule – Lisa Parmley is really great in terms of having tons of experience and making a very good living online, albeit she’s not overly active on her blog. And there’s a gent called Cary Bergeron who sincerely knows his AdSense and he set up The AdSense Guild which makes him a whole lot of money. And of course there is John XFactor who must make a good income from his forum activities… just to name the three. Fact is, if you are really successful with a single monetization strategy, you can sell a product based on those strategies, which gets you out of the clutches of Google. Snowball effect of a successful business.

    I really have no idea how you can survive in those temperatures, what with your Spanish blood. You surely must love your fiance a whole lot ;-)


    @Dave and @Cristina… Your so wrong about Spencer Haws. I would 100000000% recomend a 100% you read his website.

    Im pretty atigtaed by your comments @dave. On many occasions Spencer has explained how he uses LLC’s to segregate adsense accounts !!

    They dont tell or show you their sites to protect themselves from click bombing!!

    Spencer also has seperate hosting accounts (i think he uses or used Its al there on the blog.

    :Crtistina. not like you to jump in feet first. You’ll find neither spencer nor the adsense flipper guys sell anything of the kind.

    Spencer has a keyword research tool which he doesnot disclose income from. His adnses siste may around £15,000 per month!

    The adsense guys are morre commerical so they also do the flipping thing. BUT if you read their blog OMG they give a lot of info away for nothing…

    If you wanta rant take a look at adsenseincomelab.. now theres a guy that teaches you to do whathe cant !, Pat Flynn gets grief as a lot of income comes from affiliate but he certianly ads value.

    I had no choice but to Rant back. I have spoke with these guys by email and they are the good guys.

  56. Steve, Cristina did not mention anyone by name so Spencer did not come into her comments – she was speaking broadly, in which case I tend to agree with her – too many folks saying they know so much about AdSense but you end up questioning their integrity. Spencer obviously most certainly does not come into that category – not that I know him personally, but merely going on what you say is plenty enough for me to agree with you.

    Dave was merely pinpointing an issue that he is having to deal with right now rather than whole-heartedly slamming Spencer. It was simply the fact he was unable to find the relevant information on Spencer’s blog and nothing to do with the fact that Spencer is not entirely bona fide in his business ventures. Dave is frustrated and it shows, but I’m sure he did not mean anything untoward against Spencer. Maybe its just a matter of spending a little more time on Spencers blog to find more good info about his own plight and how to get out of it.

    And as for me – again, often its the case that so-called gurus are “thin” when it comes to quality offerings (you and I both agree on that since we sometimes mention names in our emails). And again – I don’t know Spencer other than what you’ve said about him, which is good enough for me to give him the big thumbs up! I really ought to visit his blog and start learning more about this AdSense game for myself it would appear.

  57. Oh and another thing – the folks at AdSense have now “forced” the new account page look upon us – I was quite happy with the previous one actually, but there’s no choice in the matter, is there.

  58. Hello Joseph, it’s been awhile since I’ve responded to your posts, but I have been reading along and see that your project is going nicely. I’ve been quite a busy bee lately as I can see you have been too. You’re just full of helpful tips and good information that adds the gravy to what we do online. I thank you for that.

    I can’t believe the incident with the VA on oDesk. That’s completely uncalled for and that person should be kicked off the site for doing something like that.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

  59. Hey Rick – a good gravy is to die for, particularly if its got chilli in it! :-) Thanks for your positive comments – appreciated as always, even though you’ve chosen to lurk of recent more than to comment – I can let you off on that count ;-)

    The incident with the VA on Odesk is ongoing – he’s obviously not going to let up on this as he feels his argument is valid. Fact is – he probably did spend over 20 hours writing up 27 BMR posts of which 8 were rejected, but hey – that’s not my problem now is it? If you can’t do the job, don’t take the job and don’t try to deceive in order to get the job. Hopefully Odesk support can see that his argument is unsustainable and I get a favourable outcome. If that does not happen however, I can’t see I’d be happy to continue to work with Odesk in future since their methods of assessing a debacle such as this must be flawed. The VA continues with the argument that its unfair to “us” employees to be messed around by the “big” employer. Well, I guess that makes me a fat cat now then, doesn’t it. I always wanted to find out what it felt like to be a fat cat, LOL!

    All the best with the new house Rick!


  60. Well, finally the kwd that was stuck in 11th spot for the past almost 2 weeks has broken into top ten and is now sitting in 7th. Yipppeeee!!

    Anything I did differently to get this ranking? Well, as you know, I’ve been using BMR a lot on this kwd and I’ve hired another couple of writers to take up some of the burden. Mind you, the writers I’ve hired are very slow indeed and rejection rates are really high – you get what you pay for after all. But I have also been using some of the Fiverr gigs to focus not only on the main kwd phrase, but also this secondary phrase, so the boost from those gigs has helped here.

    My third kwd phrase (just less than 3k global search a month in Goog) is sitting at 22nd. And the main kwd (450k+ searches a month globally) has dropped down to 51st, from a high of 43rd yesterday, which is a bit frustrating but that’s part and parcel of the Google rankings game. All these rankings I’m getting from the Google AdWord keyword tool which I’ve set to the US as a whole, so rankings will vary a bit in different databases.

  61. Thats awsome Jo! Sounds like this project is starting to move along. Im sure after it matures the rankings will be more stable.

    I just checked out a free copy of Market S. And though there is a lot of info. It gives, man i analyzed my comps for a new site in the shampoo niche like you had sold on flippa. I found a keyword with 8,000 local u.s. with .net and .org available, i then found 6 or 7 additional related keywords with from 1 – 6,000 local searches and for all the keywords. The top 10 have about 7 sites with pr 0 and 0 backlinks. I think i found me a winner here . YIPPIE!!! Lol M.S. is so much faster when analyzing the comp.

    Anyways, ill keep you updated as well. I plan on getting my own blog up as well..When i have time lol

    Have a good one!

  62. Don’t be telling anyone on here about your blog when it goes live Casey – I don’t want everyone scurrying off over to you, you know ;-)

    Yeah, the rankings are decent but AdSense is back to the norm – nothing at all, which is utterly rubbish! Its really time to search out some other form of monetization for that page that is now raking top ten in Goog, and still got top spot in Yahoo (or was it Bing? Who cares really – its a useless ranking as its making little to no income).

    I thought I was on a bit of dud with that shampoo site to be honest – it had received a few AdSense clicks but not much else. Then just before the site sold it had an Amazon purchase for $238 and Amazon click thru was actually fairly impressive over-all. So yeah – this niche can do pretty well Casey. Sounds like you found one of those hidden gem domain names there! Good luck with that!

  63. Hey Joseph,

    Question about your outer tier anchor layer: how do you assure that each of your articles/blogs get indexed and counted as backlinks?

    Whenever I set up an anchor layer, I have trouble getting things indexed.


  64. On the topic of Spencer… I consider him my first “Guru” :) I read every one of his posts, and every one of the comments made for every page. If it wasn’t for him, I’d not be here today. In fact a while ago I posted here about using Long Tail Pro for keyword research…thats his product!
    Problem is, he is a touch greasy. That’s totally fine but lets be honest, his blog is really a big add for his product AND he admitted it to me on of the posts. However, his info is probably the most useful MFA stuff around. What annoys me is the fact he doesn’t come totally clean…for example his latest post on link building is 100% different than the one he posted a few months ago! That leaves me wondering what he really does.
    My second “guru” was…sorry but it was you Jo :p The 40 day thing taught me a lot about backlinking. Coupled with the fact you’re not a greasy db makes you all the better to learn from.
    Between the info I’ve soaked from Spencer, coupled with the brilliance of what I’ve learned here, I’ll make over 300 a month from adsense alone this month and I’ve only been doing this 4 months. I am cautious not to spend a lot of my day job income on this but in all honesty I *feel* like I could reach my goals a lot sooner if I didn’t do it all myself :)

    Casey: Good luck bud :) I’m happy to see that there are lucrative niches available still! This IM stuff is perhaps one of the most exciting and…well, FUN things I’ve done in some time. I like that lots of us here learning from Mr. Archibald are just entering this field.

  65. Hey Dave, there are tools out there to help with that but I’ve never bothered. I simply let the backlinks be as they are so I can focus on getting more of them, rather than chasing them all up to ensure they are indexed. In fact, I’m happy that quite a few of them are not indexed – if I am getting say 100 submissions from such and such a tool per day, and I want only 60 of them to count because I want more of a backlink mix, then that’s a job done and I’ll not waste time tracing previous backlinks to try and get them indexed in Goog. I mean – its so easy to pop over to, pay 5 bucks, and get 500 backlinks and perhaps a whole lot more, so why worry about following up to try to get them indexed? Time somewhat mis-spent in my opinion since its so easy to get tons of backlinks so very cheaply these days.

    All the best Dave!

  66. @Dave:

    Not to answer for Joseph but I’ve found if you use a decent anchor site (goarticles, squidoo etc but not ezine!) and decent content (I like to spin to 60% or so unique) then using SocialADR for about 15-25 bookmarks to that anchor pretty much guarantees indexing.

    The reason I don’t bother with linking to EZA or Ideamarketers is simple. One, they are generally indexed anyway. Two they somehow prevent backlinks showing up to your articles on those sites, so making Anchors out of them for the purpose of increasing juice is pointless.

  67. Jim, you only rate me second on your list? Tut tut tut – this is where you gotta use your “greasy” skills just to make me feel all the better and inflate my ego more than its inflated already. I’m not much one for “greasiness” but if the “greasiness” is gonna inflate my ego and make me feel good – even for a short while, then “greasy” is more than welcome! ;-)

    I surely do like to try to cater to the “newbie” market since I remember how tough it can be even to make a few bucks in a month, but at the same time, if that means having to get all boring – for example – HOW TO DO BLAH BLAH BLAH… point 1…. point 2…. etc. then I’m out! Although these sort of posts can be very useful, I am not that kind of writer, and I’d be bored to tears if I tried to be. So hopefully folks can appreciate my “yacking” blogging syle for what it is – a yack. I know some folks take hours and hours to create a blog post. Not for me – that just does not excite me at all. I just wanna gush out what’s on my mind, hence you’ll not find me being at all “greasy” – it just does not suit the way I wanna be doing things.

    Enough yacking tho :-)

    Thanks for you feedback Jim! (second on his list…. hmmm… 2nd… only second…) :-)

  68. @Steve
    Firstly, Spencer does state he has 3 adsense accounts and does use an LLC. However, he does not on ANY of his posts go through measures to protect oneself on the very real fact of being “clickbombed”.

    Secondly, nowhere did I state or ask to SEE any of his sites, and for obvious reasons, so if you are going to “quote me” get your facts straight!

    Third, what does having seperate “hosting accounts” have to do with protecting oneself from being “clickbombed”? If you or Spencer would care to enlighten me on this, please be my guest.

    BTW, his product longtail pro, just looks to be a cheap looking version of Market Samurai, not that Market Samurai is perfect. In fact he uses Yahoo Site Explorer as the main source of evaluating a competition’s backlinks, even though some visitors to his blog questioned him on the validity of this source as everyone knows and BTW Yahoo themselves have stated, they are no longer updating their backlink profiles and are , again by their own admission, phasing out Yahoo Site Explorer. So why would he use it in his own “new product”?

    His Adsense strategy IS in fact flawed. Out of all his posts, and I’ve read them, in none does he lay out a strategy of protecting oneself from being “clickbomed”. If he did and I missed it, please leave the link to “that post”. He goes into great detail about most parts of his strategy “except” steps to take from being “clickbombed”, which I find peculiar. Since “clickbombing” is a HUGE threat to anyone who depends on Adsense to make a living. It’s funny because every Adsense Guy from Xfactor down had great info on the whole Adsense game, EMD’s, keyword research, etc. but they all, and I mean all, skirted the issue of “clickbombing”. saying, they’ve never had or even heard of people being “clickbombed”, chances are remote, etc. If you are going to be preaching a strategy such as his, have a blog etc. and not address the issue of “clickbombing” then you’re just being careless.

    P.S Joe, I know as a responsible person and having a blog like yours you do need to be diplomatic, but if people don’t share or question other bloggers and their tactics then how are we supposed to judge for ourselves when all we read are rosey opinions.

  69. Hi Dave, I appreciate your point and I very often question other’s tactics and reasoning, but I do try to avoid sharing my thoughts in public (other than what I think about Google) because this is not what my blog is about. One of the last things I want is to be caught up in a variety of ugly disputes where it all comes down to who said what and why. I surely do not turn a blind eye to unscrupulous ways that many so-called internet marketers use to “get ahead”, and I will be as critical as the next person. But there has to be a limit to the sort of stuff I cover on the blog here and exposing shady online methods is not an area I care to focus on too much.


  70. Hey Joe,

    Fair enough. I realize this stuff can easily escalate. Everyone’s has opinions and where money and livelihoods are concerned tempers do tend to flair.

    I appreciate the content on your blog and I look forward to more of your battles and strategies.

    Now that my love affair and spell with Google Adsense is now broken, it’s back to Affiliate Marketing, CPA’s, Keyword Research, Writing about Manboobs, and backlinks, ooh the backlinks…

    Best regards,

  71. @Steve Wyman
    Just to be clear:
    1. I’ve never mentioned Spencer or anybody from AdSense Flippers and I wasn’t talking about them. I was talking about gurus in general, I haven’t included anybody in particular.
    Also, as Joseph said, there are honest people in the business who teach AdSense because they actually know their stuff. I agree with that.

    2. I haven’t accused anybody of anything. You are mixing my comment and Dave’s comment.
    I was just pointing out the fact that when you have a side income (teaching others, selling them infoproducts about AdSense or whatever) your business model doesn’t depend so much on Google. If they shut down your account you still have another source of income. And I’m afraid that many guys (I insist, I’m not talking about Spencer) may be telling us that they live off of AdSense income when they actually live off of teaching.

    I’m sorry if my comment was confusing. My apologies.
    I would have replied earlier to make things clear but for some reason I didn’t get any notification until just now.

    Peace, guys! :D

  72. Dave – manboobs? LOL!

    Yeah, I’d prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to actually naming names Dave. Its so easy to cause upset and for me its simply not worth it. In the past when I’ve stood on people’s toes, I tend to suffer inside. If I were to start doing the same on my blog – the consequences could be a whole lot worse. Thus in public I’ll often sit on the fence, but in private, it could very well be a different matter.

    Other than this – I’ve decided to change tact on my project site – AdSense is not cutting it and I don’t think there are other products around that will cut it either. I’ll leave AdSense on the home page for now and see how it fares. But I’m gonna quit SEO’ing the other 2 pages I was focused on and start working on something else. Pity cos I just got a top ten ranking for one of them – but I’m pretty sure there’s no money to be made from it regardless its a half decent search volume going down, so what’s the point?

  73. Hi Cristina. If you got caught in the cross fire I aplogise to you directly. I read it as supporting an unsupportable position therefore refeenced you by assoicataion.. Firendly fire lets call it.

    @Dave, Im bowing out. Im very clear as to the lack of any grease on spencer unless your making a style comment in which case..

    He does exaplain everything folks. but you have to read an interpet everything he writes. All i wanted to do here is support a guy that is no GoooRooo lets be clear. He’s clearing over $15,000 per month on adsense alone!! Now thats somebody worth reading and understanding.

    Sure his tactic, backlinking and website building process are changing all the time!! thats a GOOD thing. We should never get stuck with just one strategy if you want that then smartpasiveincome is the home for you.

    As to real Guru’s ah well thats a tough one. Jo is a star thats for sure in my mind. On top probably Perry MArshall for adwords and most other things, Micheal Campbell hes a star and a few other (names escape me).

    Have a fantastic day and Adsense aint dead at all.. its just getting tougher in IM land Time to up the game not google bash…


  74. @Casey

    Congrats on finding what looks like a great keyword phrase.

    As Jo said dont tell anybody else what it is, tehre are sad an mean people on the web that like nothing more than to pour on somebody elses great work.

    Can you do one thing as im curious , it unusal to find such a great keyword in the adsense space these days.

    Put the keyword through and see if there really is adsense traffic and also put it through the traffic estimator in google adwords tool to see if you get daily clicks?

    My experience has shown that 80% of keywords that i find (or have found though VA’s) that meet a whole ton of other criteria including EMD ultimately fail as the advertisers wont pay much for the keyword or there are few advertisers prepared to bid against each other.

    One thing about adsense that took me along time to get my head around (thanks spencer) is that you need to use a lot of tools to valiadte the research and that most folks dont do enough research before buying the domain and building the site to ultimately only find that theres not adsense clicks :-(

    Been there done that including the old forgetting to use exact match!!


  75. Oh, By the way

    “Jo is not a GooRoo, he’s just a very naughty boy” – refernce Life of Brian, Monthy Python

    which ofcourse you all have seen and can repeat at will :-)

  76. How freaking easy is it to write a BMR post? Heck, just for kicks one time I was writing about a health topic, so I clicked one of the BMR links from one of my earlier posts, went to the blog they put my post on, copied and pasted the health article below it, paraphrased it as fast as I could in probably horrible english, and submitted it. No problem. Not ethical at all, but an interesting experiment.

    Also, I’ve found that if you write by using filler words, you can get to 150 super fast. Example:

    “How do you plant a new garden?” (7 words)


    “Many people often wonder how they should rightfully go about designing and planting that new garden of theirs in their back yard.” (22 words)

    It’s that freaking easy. How do people write so bad that it’s rejected? I mean, I know yadda yadda english is not their first language. But c’mon. They should be accountable for rejected articles.

  77. Hi Brendan,

    Well by using fixed priced contracts and only paying on accepted article they can be. and i guess should be.

    Bear in mind that a lot of these folks are work at way under a dollar an hour so tehre is an element of you get what you pay for.

    Having said taht i now have two USA based BMR writers with better english than mine wrtingin BMRs :-) Even still they are getting around 85% acceptance! but i cant see anything wrong with the rejcted ones myself! go figure.


  78. Steve, I like the “naughty but nice” stance – suits me well, me thinks! Not sure if our US and European cousins are familiar with Monty Python, or are they?

  79. Are you kidding, Jo? Life of Brian is one of the best movies ever. And Monty Phyton… everybody knows them (or should!).

    Do you know Fawlty Towers? (I know. It’s not Monty Phyton, it’s only John Cleese but it’s hilarious).

  80. Hey Brendan, I’m certainly not writing this reply to you in favor of the VA who is trying to claim payment from me for 20.5 hours instead of 5 hours, but some folks really do struggle with BMR post writing.

    I’ve recently employed an Indian lady to work on my BMR stuff. I get the impression she spends about 30 odd minutes per post, and even then – most of them are rejected. Now, normally I would dump folks like this since they are too much work and they rely on me to “put things right” (correct many of the rejected posts). But in this case, I can see she really is making a very large effort to succeed. I can see she researches for every article she writes, but the problem is that her syntax is not up to scratch, hence rejection after rejection. She often puts a plural in where a singular is the correct choice, and that’s enough already to have the post rejected by BMR quality control, poor girl!

    But regardless the fact I am overly busy with so much other stuff, I’m prepared to “be a crutch” to this girl cos she’s going out of her way to not only succeed in her own right, but to help me succeed too. These sort of folks I’ll bend over backwards to help them cos they are trying so hard to help me. But when some dude comes along and tries to take advantage of me in the way that the VA is doing, well – I’d sooner see them have their head flushed in the latrine as a wake up call – don’t try and fleece those who know better than you do!

    I surely take your point however – its really, really easy for us who have a good grasp of English to write BMR posts within minutes – as you say – its freaking easy!

  81. Only John Cleese :-)

    Faulty towers is a classic. I still ROFL when i see the clip with him beating the car with the branch…

  82. Steve – yup, fixed price rated contracts are the way to go with regards to BMR post outsourcing. And any rejected posts should not be paid for – that’s one of the great things about BMR – there is an in-built quality control which makes it ideal to outsource. In the case of this VA – I actually hired him to help me out in many other ways rather than with too much BMR post writing. However, as soon as I’d hired him, I realized that it was gonna take a whole lot of input from me to get him up to scratch to work on the stuff that would be more important. So I made the mistake of letting him focus on BMR for 3 days, whilst I put together a solid game plan as to what he could be doing instead. That was – as it turns out – a massive mistake. I thought he was competent enough, when in actual fact, he was very far from competent. Seems I’m admiting my own faults in favour of his argument here. That’s not my intention but rather I’m making a case and spotlighting my own naivety so that other folks who are following along with this debacle do not commit the same errors in judgement that I have.

  83. I never really “got” Monty Python in days gone by Cristina, but Faulty Towers – well that;s a different matter! That was hilarious! I was particularly fond of Andrew Sachs who played the stupid Spanish waiter, LOL!

  84. Sure i get that Jo. Its usefull for us all to learn from other presvious steps.

    I to have had a number of issues on Odesk but never where ive lost money. The big issue i find is im to strict in the job posting i find i dont get some of the better people applying.. so now I do it in two rounds General sift then interveiew to get the better ones.

    Still people will say anything when getting the job then fail to deliver… Oh well.


  85. I don’t remember that one Steve. I do remember the one where he and his wife Sybil were trying to deal with some German tourists in the hotel and he (John Cleese) was marching around like a Nazi doing Hiel Hitler. LOL! I hope no one takes offence at this!

  86. My best and most reliable BMR writer is the one who costs me the most Steve. As you said previously – you tend to get what you pay for.

  87. Joseph, don’t call the waiter stupid… he’s from Barcelona! LOL
    I know the text of these series by heart. And just like Manuel I always say “Qué?” when I don’t understand something.

    the waiter, Manuel, was not only in one episode. He’s part of the staff of the hotel.

    About Odesk,
    hiring and managing employees is probably one of the most challenging tasks of any business. No matter if you are a giant with dozens of workers or a small fish who only need to outsource part of the workload.

    If we add the fact that you don’t meet the person face to face, the process of finding the right employee is even more difficult.
    Some people will be a nice suprise and others will deceive you.

    Anyway, it’s always a good idea to fix a maximum price to pay so you don’t get an insane bill.

  88. Sure Cristina, Ive seen every episode many times :-) I think I had a crush on Polly for a while!

    Faulty towers and Monty Python as just so much more fun that IM and doing work :-)

  89. There’s that little funny squiggly thing again Cristina – qué? Where abouts in Spain are you from?

    I’ve been very fortunate with my outsourcing on the whole. For sure – in the early days when I was throwing every single last penny I had at my employees in the Philippines, I came a cropper on occasion, which was a good learning experience. But in the past couple of years, I’ve had many really great folks on my team, and they stick with me too, which is key to on-going success. I’m pretty clued up with the outsourcing business, but obviously this particular incident got away from me. Well worth discussing on the blog here so that anyone who reads about it and who is ready to do some outsourcing on their own business, gains a bit more insight in what not to do. On the whole, I’m very trusting, but that can sometimes cause some unforseen issues…

  90. LOL, everybody in Spain says “Qué?” No matter where they are from.
    But, since you ask, I’m from Salamanca. Beautiful city in the West with one of the oldest Universities in Europe. The town where foreigners go to learn Spanish :D

  91. I bet you are missing Salamanca right now! Spain used to be very affordable for holiday makers to go and visit but not so now. I wonder how badly that has hit the tourism trade?

  92. I love Faulty Towers :) and Monty Python however I always preferred The Holy Grail over Life of Brian and what-not.

    Am I the only one here who uses TextBroker? $8.30 for a 500 word article, copyscape checked. If you don’t like it ask for a revision and they do it or you can reject it. If you like a particular author you can deal with them or put together a team etc.
    I’ve had a few garbage articles to be honest, but I just ask for revision and if they don’t comply I reject it and another author gets the job.
    I use the articles as a base for anchor sites after i spin them up, but they are generally as good as or even better than the articles I write for my own site!

  93. Hey Joseph, you should read this post:

    It explains things like this: “Domains with authority often get helped by spammy links instead of hurt by them”

  94. Hey All,

    Justin here with AdSenseFlippers. I saw that both us and Spencer from NichePursuits were labeled with the “Guru” tag and I was a bit shocked! You’d have to talk to Spencer for sure, but my guess is that he would agree with us in that we don’t consider ourselves Gurus in any sense. In fact, AdSenseFlippers started off as a side gig/project for us…our “real” business is in outsourcing.

    Joe and I are still relatively new with AdSense and internet marketing in general. Where I’d say we’re actually strong is in process. We run an outsourcing company and are “guru’s” at taking a process, breaking it down, and having our agents attack it and get it done. Other than that, we’re really still learning with niche sites. I’d say guys like Cary Bergeron or Xfactor would be closer to the label of “Guru” than we are. I think we get the label, though, because we’re so out there about our success, failures, etc…being public puts us in the camp, whether we see ourselves that way or not.

    There are so many things we don’t know and are trying to figure out. Would it be worth it to go back through and monetize all of our sites differently? Should we change our process to focus on authority sites instead of niche sites for long term viability? Are our linkbuilding efforts effective or not? We share what we find and are looking to improve, but we don’t even come close to having all the answers and try to be very clear when we don’t.

    We WERE strategic in creating AdSenseFlippers. Our thought was that, since we sell our sites, if we’re CRYSTAL clear in how we create them, where we’re succeeding/failing, etc. there’s considerably more trust there for our buyers. Additionally, for those that follow our process and find success, we’ll build “evangelists” that share their success with others and expand our brand. We’re very clear, though, that just because we found success with this process it doesn’t mean someone else will, necessarily. It could be that we have access to cheaper/better labor, we’re lucky, etc…any number of things.

    I would also say that we DO intend to make money AROUND our process. We’re not big on info products…we like sharing detailed, useful information for FREE…but we are interested in building tools we actually use and that help our process and may help others that either buy our sites or are looking to model their process similar to ours. We’re very clear about how we make our money and we WON’T be those guys that make money teaching rather than doing…we’re not cool with that at all.

    What I think might be interesting (and even MORE transparent) would be blog posts about not just building niche sites, but our actual intention in creating the AdSenseFlippers brand, the benefits, what we hope to achieve, etc. Not just teaching the process, but explaining our expansion and our strategic plans for the future…that’s not something you see very often, I think.

    Lastly, we get emails and mentions from people that have had their AdSense accounts banned. Honestly, we don’t really have much to say…I normally respond to let them know I understand how frustrating it must be…but it hasn’t happened to us. We don’t talk about clickbombing because, simply, it’s not a problem we’re dealing with. To be blunt, we’ve found that a large majority of those who have lost their AdSense accounts lost it because they were either A: Buying traffic poorly B: Had been banned previously or C: were getting “friendly” or paid clicks on their sites. There’s not much we can say to any that fall into those categories…and the rest…what can we say to them as well? I normally briefly explain how to setup a corporation and get another AdSense account through that “entity”.

  95. And by the way Joseph, I meant Spencer was the first guru I took seriously and you were the second. Of course you are number 1 by far!!!!

    I sucking up cause it snowed 9 inches so far since yesterday and the temperature is going to highs of -16 C and lows of -23 C for the next week or so. I really might need to visit you in Malaysia! LOL

  96. @Joesph – She was, it just shes ot my type so im not sure what was goin gon there….

    @Jim – well that was also an excellent film with lots of very cool references to political ideas buried away :-) I like your site as well. Coffee is one of my major niches :-)

    @Cristina – thats a very very cool article. He’s giving away a lot more than he makes out. I very much like “Most people frame up SEO as an either/or game. If you are going for spammy affiliate stuff? Grey! Black! Authority blog? White!” thats very cool.
    Thanks for pointing it out…

  97. @Cristina (my daughter has an H :) LOL)
    Epic article, thanks for sharing. I really did LOL at “invisible text”

    **Dear Excite search engine, please make me the best website for online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online **

    “On Page optimization is more important than ever”
    I agree. 1200 word articles means the visitor will click my footer adsense ads just to get the hell away :) My footer has highest CTR of any other block on all my sites :p

  98. Joseph, I was rereading this post today and a question came to me. What has been your experience with using videos to help market products in comparison to articles. I’ve never used videos to date but find articles and comments all over the web talking about how video marketing is much better for conversion. Do you have any experience with this to compare both methods?

    About the lurking… I’m guilty as charged. Not making excuses of course but all three of my kids have been sick and at home with me for the past two weeks since moving into our new house. So I’ve had my hands full and have been lacking time to do much lately. So I’m sorry about that. You know I enjoy jumping into comments and typing my fingers off. Thanks for your understanding with that, it’s much appreciated.

    One last thought on the video marketing too, if you have used this method in the past, do you prefer using imagery with text messages or do you find that a more personal approach such as using your own voice-over attracts more attention? Maybe you’ve never used videos enough to answer my questions, but I thought I’d ask just in case.

    Keep up the great post, and thank you for all you share here!!!!

  99. @Steve: I was just lucky enough to stumble onto coffee :) As for the site I guess I sort of subscribe to the “bore them to death so they click a link” theory! lol

    @Tai: 13!!! No sir, I just use 3 star and if I don’t like it I ask them to fix it. They often just don’t, thus I get a different article from a different author. I’d say 4 out of 5 do a fantastic job if you’re explicit in what you ask for but it sometimes takes 36-48 hours if the first author sucked.

    @Cristina: Haha ya I did notice that :) I think I will take note of that as well.

    On another note I think I overdid BMR! I thought I was getting clickbombed because my traffic tripled and my clicks went through the roof in the last while but I used and searched my main keywords…turns out I occupy 1,2,3,4 spots for it O.o what a fluke! Hope it sticks :)

  100. @Jim Thanks! I have been pleased with Textbroker in the past but felt it was too expensive. I will try your method. All this talk about BMR has me anxious to get started with it.

    Wow Joseph did you expect to bring so many lurkers out of the closet with you “call to action”‘ at the end of the post? That reminds me that I should do more of that and see if it increases any clicks!

  101. Jim – Textbroker – sounds good stuff, and thanks for the info on them! I’ve just hired my previous writer for some more articles – 15 bucks per 500 – 600 word. But she’s real good so I’m cool wid dat!

  102. Hey Justin, I appreciate you coming by as many others who have commented on this post will also! And thanks for taking the time to make a nicely detailed reply!

    The term Guru – I guess folks have a different interpretation of the word and what it truly means. I always take it tongue-in-cheek when Steve Wyman says I’m a gooroo, LOL! But yeah – Cary Bergeron and XFactor to name the two would probably nicely fit into the generalized philosopy of “AdSense gujarati”.

    I have a new project which should be getting going fairly soon – still waiting for the damn domain name to filter through to my account, which has taken over a week – which I want to build up, get more and better rankings, then sell it at auction. I’ll be sure to pop on over to the AdSenseFlippers site to get some pointers. Not that I intend to base the site on AdSense necessarily, but I’m sure I can learn from your flipping methods, Justin.

    @ Steve Wyman – did Chris Guthrie ever get around to making that flipping webinar into a podcast would you happen to know, Steve?

    Justin, you’ve put the record straight here in your comment about a number of points that the good folks here have been discussing about AdSenseFlippers, and again – I thank you for that, with particular emphasis on the “click-bombing” thing. Personally, I’ve not heard too much about click-bombing, but I have heard a fair bit about “backlink bombing” which although is a totally different activity, does have the same end-result in mind by a devious party. I suspect there is not much that can be done when “click-bombing” occurs. Google offer little to no help and simply appear to shrug their shoulders – which is a pity. Dave here has bitten the dust due to the incident on his site and I’m sure others also see the same fate. Why don’t Google start to attempt to paint a better customer-focused picture of themselves is what I wonder. At least make some effort to assess what’s really gone on here and don’t simply label poor Dave as a click-bomb scoundrel.

    Just one other thing Justin, if I may. There’s been mention of a tool you developed – let me see if I can find details of that – LongTail Pro. Is it indeed based on the stats from Yahoo Search Engine, and if so why? Why not utilize what Market Samurai do – the Majestic SEO stats, which are obviously more accurate than the now-defunct YSE stats?

    Cheers Justin – thanks again for taking the time!


  103. Jim – that’s more like it – “grease me up” so you can take advantage of my good side – you’re getting the hang of the game now fo sure! ;-)

  104. Jim…

    **Dear Excite search engine, please make me the best website for online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online marketing online **

    LOL!! ;-)

  105. LOL! If I owned TextBroker I wouldn’t be so concerned with Coffee Makers, now would I?
    No sulking about us all going and reading that blog, Jo. I took a good look there and lo and behold no comments on Monty Python, Gnats Pee, Russian Winters (or Russian Women :) ), Worship of Google As The One True Almighty or even Joseph Archibalds Secrets To 30K Weeks.

    Your precious blog is safe. :)

  106. Hey Rick the Lurker – videos – if Chris Rempel is anything to go by, videos are the key to conversion! I’ve not actually used them much because as you know – I’m somewhat “tech shy” – more like “tech DUMB-ASS!!”. But yes, I do want to get more into da video stuff over the coming months and check out for myself just how effective they are or are not. I do have videos on some of my sites however. The video is “specially formulated” for the product that I’m trying to sell, and auto-starts when the visitor comes to the site. I know – that sounds to be spammy, but there is an “off” button and I don’t use those videos that you can’t stop from playing thru. Furthermore, its not like the video is ‘in your face’ – its a small thing that fits up in top right hand corner of the sidebar in every case.

    I hope your kids are improving daily! I guess its that time of year again – all the windows get closed in the house and the schools and folks start getting those nasty viruses that are spreading about the place. Funny – we don’t tend to have that problem here in Malaysia – not when we can sit by the swimming pool when working 16 hours a day to make money whilst we sleep, LOL!!

    Regards using my own voice in videos. I guess if I were selling a hypnosis product I’d do well there since my voice tends to put folks to sleep, LOL! To “make it real” however, that would be the ideal. I much prefer the concept of me being me and me touting the product. Or, in other words, being brutally honest about a product or service or whatever. That appeals to me a whole lot and since I purchased that new Cannon video camera a few weeks ago, I really ought to get it off the dusty shelf and start playing around with it. If that should ever happen – don’t please hold your breath for it Rick :-)

    Thanks for investing some time in your comment and not continuing to lurk – I’m very appreciative ;-) How’z the home brewing going these days?

  107. Tai, that was the idea of the comment at the end, yes. But the fact of the matter is, once we do start to get some good commenting going, its not overly difficult to “make it go viral” if you enjoy relating to folks who are investing the time in making comments. I enjoy asking questions and having a laugh with folks in the comments section of my blog – did you notice? :-) After all, this IM game should not all be about serious game play and living a life of misery and hard work simply to make money. It should be about improving life experience, and a lot of folks tend to forget that. Hence humour can work really well just to break the make money make money make more money ethos which dominates the philosophy behind internet marketing. No matter if you are still struggling to make your first dollar online – there should be time to chill out and have a laugh with your mates online!

  108. Jim, I bet the coffee making site is merely a cover for who you really are and what you really do. You left the comment about TextBroker on my blog here cos you knew full well that everyone would be jumping around wanting to get in on the deal there. Yeah, I got your number Jim so I have, LOL! :-)

    There ain’t gonna be too many blogs out there that discuss those thoroughly important matters that you’ve alluded to – you are quite right about that, sir. So even though you are the owner of TextBroker, I can rest easy cos I know fo sure that many of your current clients will be desperate to get in on the convo that’s going down here.

    You forgot to mention the cents there Jim – its Joseph Archibald’s Secrets to $30,001.96 Weeks. If you don’t add the cents, it means you are not a bona fide successful internet marketer. I always make a point of adding in the cents when I’m flooding people’s inboxes with spammy online offers these days since it tends to see a much higher conversion, LOL!

  109. I love this blog lol

    I use textbroker as well. Starting on my new site tomorrow and i hate writing for niches i know nothing about. My passion is just building sites, designing graphics, seo, thinking of business ideas, and commenting here lol

    I dont feel im ready for my own quite yet!

  110. @Jo – so i don’t “spell” it wrong.. Typing is not my strong suit nor is the Queen ’s English :-) looking back there were 3 typo’s – I need a VA :-)

    @Jim – it’s a Niche I’ve worked in for quite a while and i actually came across your site the other day whilst looking in at some keywords I was ranking for it’s a small planet. You’ve done exceptionally well. Very nice results so far. Your right though I’d be wary of your backlink build rate. Don slow down too much though or that will look unnatural :-) plenty of room left for longtail keyword promotion :-)

  111. @Joseph – Chris did release a recording. I didnot mention it to you as it was forgettable.. very thin on anything usefull unless you want to join the latest offering Virtual Moguals…

    So if its 23:44 here you must be up ealry again out there :-)!

  112. Aha – you see Jim, Casey is a convert to my blog from your TextBroker machine. I did warn ya ;-)

    I’m hearing ya Casey – I much prefer coming up with the ideas and then letting other folks implement those ideas for me. Its real tough going to have to juggle everything yourself in an internet marketing business. The sooner you can outsource the better in my opinion. After all, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Sir Richard Branson did not become multi-millionaires by running their businesses on their own-some.

    When you are ready for creating your own blog, don’t be mentioning it on here – email me about it. I’m not having any more folks bleeding away from my blog or soon there will be no one left to enjoy my intelligent wit ;-)

  113. Steve – LOL, that’s safe! You need an AV? Hey, I know a real good one, I’ll pass his details on to you – he only charges $114.96 cents for a whopping 27 BMR posts (plus he’ll throw in 8 rejected posts for frreeeeee!).

  114. At Steve – hmmm, I thought that may be the case so thanks for the warning. I’ll not bother. No doubt he’ll make a further half million on the back of this however.

    Yeah, I was up late (late for me anyways) and up again early – went out for my power-walk around the park at about 5am and to the shop to get my daily cigar supply. Power-walked my way back home, then on here (once I’d catered breakfast for the local wild cats that roam around my house – I love to take care of the strays – its a karma thing) for the daily slog and fun.

  115. At Steve – oh what a pity, I thought I could get off the hook with this one, but obviously you’re not gonna be falling for it that easily. Anyone else need an top quality AV to get their business ship-shape????

  116. @Jo – Ah Karma Building :-) Or as My Thai Buddist friends would say – you are earning credits :-) So your setting up well for the next life.

    Off to get some Odesk contractors contracted :-) My new BMR’s seem to know what they are doing. out of 100 BMR’s 12 were rejected and there was nothing wrong with them perfect english. Resubmitted with out change and they passed! I figure the checkers english was not so good !

    I put a job up for a blog commenter earlier so far 12 applicants all for forumn profiles :-( Grrrrhh

    next :-)

  117. At Steve – I’m hoping to get some more credits in this life with the karma thang going down. Oh, hang on, I’m sitting by the pool in the sunshine writing this comment to you – maybe its working already, LOL!

    LOL – “I figure the checkers English was not so good”. :-) That surely is worth trying!!

    So does that mean I’ll have folks on here commenting pretending they are THE Steve Wyman in future? Jolly josh – what is the world coming to! I can’t let a day go by these days without THE Steve Wyman commenting on my blog – I’ll not settle for a fake Steve Wyman you know :-)

  118. Hi Joseph! …it’s Rick the Lurker again…. LOL Hey, at least it wasn’t Tricky Ricky or anything like that. I commend you for being unique. Being a lurker isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be anyway, all with hiding in the shadows and staying all nested away with my kids germs… lol I just crack myself up sometimes…

    I’ll be asking you in the future how you feel that adding the video to your site has helped. It sounds like you’ve done it right, having it “specially formulated” will give the uniqueness of your site a boost for sure. I’m very interested in seeing how that might help with conversion for you. Keep us posted if you can. Thanks for your response to my question too by the way. As always, your input is greatly appreciated.

    As for the homebrew, I was planning on brewing my next batch after getting settled in the new house. Then the kids got sick. One after the other. I’ve got three and I had all three of them home from school at once for days on end. One is back to school now and the other two are on antibiotics and getting better by the day. So I’m hoping I can brew a batch next weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m planning on adding that ‘brew day’ to my new site as my first post. To be honest with you, with moving and then sick kids on top of that, I’ve been spread pretty thin lately. I’m actually looking forward to getting that brew going. Something selfish for a change… laughing. I know, I’m a selfish bastard… LOL I’ll keep you posted on how that brew works out as well. And if you end up vising when you venture through the U.S., I’ll have plenty for you to sample. ;o)

  119. In actual fact Steve – its all just IM lifestyle hype on my part – when I first came to live in Kuching – yes, I used to sit out on my appartment balcony which over-looked a swimming pool. But after a few months of doing that, it becomes next to unbareable because you sit dripping in sweat after about 20 minutes. So no – the reality is, I sit indoors almost all the time now, just as you would where you are in England. The main difference is only that I can sit in shorts all the time and have all the doors and windows wide open.

    As they say – when in Rome do as the Romans do – just swap the city and the people around for Kuching. After all, iits only “mad dogs and Englishmen that lay out in the mid-day sun” ;-)

  120. Hey Rick the Lurker – dunno why but in the UK they often change the name Rick or Richard into Dick, so that would make “Dick the Lurker” or “Tricky Dicky” – which would you prefer? Hahahaha!

    Truth be told, in the days when I frequented a number of blogs, I used to lurk too, and rarely commented. I thought I would say something stupid in my comment, so best I just kept myself hidden away. But when I started to frequent IM forums, that all changed.

    Ever thought about “feeding” some of your home-made to your sick kids. I know from experience that a fine brew can work wonders on a poorly soul ;-)

    Okay – with regards to the videos – so far so not good! And I’ll tell you why so, or what I believe to be the reason. Although the three sites with the video added thus far are ranking pretty decently in Goog for a few kwd phrases, they are ranking for the “wrong” kwd phrases. So even though these kwd phrases are along the lines of “how to…”; “getting rid of…”, and that sort of real problem solving scenario – the monetization of the pages that are ranking is too “tight” even for these type of kwds. Thus, to start seeing decent sales volume, I’m now having to change things about and get the brand names of the products on the sites ranking instead. After all, there’s no point banging your head on the proverbial brick wall when you can see that it just ain’t gonna figure. Thus getting much “tighter” on matching the search to the actual kwd term (or product on offer, if you will) should do the tricky, Dicky!

    Its not that I messed up here because inititally the sites were geared up more broadly than they are now, but it was decided to try out some hi paying CPA offers instead and see how things fared with those. And as mentioned, thus far – over the past few weeks, they’ve not been faring at all well and I believe simply for the reason just given.

    Now often its the case that when trying to rank for branded stuff you are up against the companies website which as often as not tends to be sitting pretty at the top. Yeah well, in my case this is happening, but not always, so although the market is not exactly wide open to dominating the rankings, I’ll do my best and see how things phathom. Can’t be any worse than it is now. Fact is, the way I see it is – folks who are searching for a brand name are either looking for information about the product, or are looking to buy – one or t’other. I’ll keep you posted on progress – I’m getting close to a few top ten rankings with the brand names now, so should not be too long to see what’s what. And if these don’t convert, then no longer will I be dumping cash into them – they’ll all be up for auction and I’ll be moving along rather swiftly onto other projects.

  121. OMG! I couldn’t stop laughing at your comments about the names. Um… no, I think I’ll stick with Rick. Dick just doesn’t suit me. Sure did give my wife and I a good laugh though. Once the tears cleared, I was able to finish reading your response. Boy was that funny.

    I know how tough it is to rank for a brand name as you know. The site I have is still doing pretty good but I’m not in the top 10. Last I checked, it was something like 23, but it’s most likely far below that by now. I still make money from that site so I kind of hate to auction it off, but I still might do just that. Like you said, on to other projects.

  122. Yeah I got a mate back in the UK called Richard and he hates being called Dick, whilst as you can imagine, I love calling him “wee Dick”, LOL!!

    Yup, you gotta know when to call it a day Rick. Or try to know when to call it a day. There have been a number of sites in my collection that I know full well I should have sold ‘em off before I lost interest in them. Once that interest starts to wane, so does the income, and so does the potential to make for a reasonable amount of greenbacks at auction.

  123. I think “wee” suited him better Cristina :-)

    They all come back Cristina but the comments are generally about anything but that article! I really wish this bunch were more focused on their work! :-)

    When d’you head off back to Spain? Hope things are gonna be okay!

  124. By the way, Google just announced ten big new changes to their algorithm.
    Better “Official” Page Detection & Boosting: “We try hard to give our users the most relevant and authoritative results. With this change, we adjusted how we attempt to determine which pages are official. This will tend to rank official websites even higher in our ranking.”

    Translation: affiliate site won’t outrank official sites.

    I wished TomL was around. He knows about this much more than me.

  125. Yeah, there’s obviously bad, and some good in going back. Hope things go well for you!

    Official sites – so means the likes of Amazon, eBay, and all the big sellers. No room for us small guys and gals any longer then. Let’s figure a loophole – I’m all for more challenges!!!

  126. A smidgeon of an update – its Friday evening here and we all know what Friday means, right? Mind you, tropical storms in this part of the world can put a dampner on plans made, and today may be no different to the norm – thunder and lightning and damn heavy rain!

    I added in a couple of Clickbank products about 3 hours ago to the project site. I just checked Clickbank stats to ensure they are working fine, and they both are – in all, there have been 18 click throughs, so that’s looking potentially, hopefully, possibly, maybe – kinda good-ish. Who knows tho – folks tend to be fickle online, right?

    Rankings – let me have a lookie see…

    Main kwd with 450k search globally – is now @40, was 39 so at least its dipped below the 40 marker, so that’s looking… boring. COME ON – I’m gettin impatient, LOL!!

    Secondary kwd with just over 8k global search a month in Goog – hangin on in there at 7th. I said I had dropped this one last night – well I kinda have, but I’ve popped one of the CB products on it and am hoping it will see some conversion – who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky for a change. Ah yeah – I added tracking to each of my pages so I can follow what’s doing what in terms of clicks and purchases (or lack there-of).

    Thirdly kwd – just shy of 3k searches a month in Goog – we got a mover and shaker here (even though I “kinda” dropped it also) – its up to 14th from 23rd yesterday.

    Yahoo and Bing – all 3 (plus others) are riding pretty hi in Yahoo and Bingo, but I’ll not bother figuring out where exactly they are right now. Still the vast majority of the traffic is coming from…. hmm – seems to be switching around now – away from Bing and Yahoo and over to Google, which is a good sign. But the traffic yesterday was not impressive – 27 uniques with only 31 page views – down from the day before where there was 37 uniques. Ah well, its very early days so that does not concern me at all.

    I decided to focus on a newbie kwd phrase which no doubt about it will attract a bunch of buyers to it, and its not that tricky to rank for – search data goes like this for it…
    Global Google per month: 18.1k Local to US exacts per month: 12.1k. Pretty nice!

    I’ve asked my writer to create some content for that page, although it will not be ready till Wednesday of next week. So I simply popped a nice big glossy image of the info product in the center of the page, along with a couple of sentences to briefly explain what the product is about – hardly hi end sales copy but it will suffice for the time being.

    Nevertheless! I am thoroughly aware of the fact that Goog are slowly and surely gonna be zapping more and more affilite type sites, in favor of the big dogs (I wonder if the big dogs are paying Googol a massive backhander or something – “you scratch my butt and I’ll scratch yours!!”). And this is what Cristina just alluded to in her most recent comment – see below.

    But yoh – I got this covered! Before I decided to venture into this particular hi end niche, I made sure it would be thoroughly and absolutely possible to BUILD A LIST so I could get away from the online website-based affilite stuff and away from the likes of AdSense and stuff. Sooooo…. if needs be, and when the time is right – if it ever will be – I can dump all of my website based advertising and simply make the site content rich with nothing other than a big glossy pop-over with a whoppingly good incentive to get folks to opt in to my list. I’ve yet to figure what exactly my incentive will be (maybe I’ll take a nice picture of myself and put it on there as an “incentive” – I’m sure folks would go simply wild over that, don’t you think so???) but you can bet your bottom dollar, euro, pound, Malaysian ringitt, Filipino peso, Balinese whatever, Greek drachma… that I’ll come up with something that’s so hot you can’t handle it!

    More to follow tomorrow…

    Thanks for reading up!

  127. Hey Joseph,

    Thanks for the reply…I’ve been following the responses to this post via email and the amount of comments/community here is just AMAZING, lol. Glad to see you guys don’t take yourselves too seriously, too…I like that!

    Regarding LongTailPro…that’s actually a tool that Spencer from NichePursuits built. We’ve been using it and recommending it recently. Honestly, I preferred Market Samurai when it was working well…but we’ve had so many problems we had to make a switch on the keyword research tool. While LongTailPro is missing some of the robust-ness of MS, it’s WAY faster and much more accurate…much needed. Not sure why he’s not using Majestic SEO. Like Market Samurai, would be good to have the option, I think…

  128. Hey Joe,
    Wow, my little comment seemed to have gone a bit viral. Enough so that Justin from Adsense Flippers left a comment.

    “Lastly, we get emails and mentions from people that have had their AdSense accounts banned. Honestly, we don’t really have much to say…I normally respond to let them know I understand how frustrating it must be…but it hasn’t happened to us. We don’t talk about clickbombing because, simply, it’s not a problem we’re dealing with. To be blunt, we’ve found that a large majority of those who have lost their AdSense accounts lost it because they were either A: Buying traffic poorly B: Had been banned previously or C: were getting “friendly” or paid clicks on their sites. There’s not much we can say to any that fall into those categories…and the rest…what can we say to them as well? I normally briefly explain how to setup a corporation and get another AdSense account through that “entity”.

    Well Joe, all I can say is that I was clickbombed and fall into “the rest” catagory. His explanation is similar to the argument of a crime being committed and somehow it was the victims fault. I call anyone a “Guru” who gets on the internet, starts a blog and advises anyone on how to do something, plain and simple. Good, bad, humble, use any adjective you want before, it’s still “Guru”.

    As far as Adsense, “let the buyer beware” clickbombing is a real threat to anyone basing their business model only on Adsense. Have you had a look at the Adsense sites these guys sell? Thinly based content, difficult to monetize other than with adsense, think about it. Why do you think they sell them in bundles? It’s a flawed business model even more suseptible to the whims of google than an algorithym change. Their business model is a bubble and we’ve all seen what happens to bubbles.

    Adsense sites can be OK if, 1. they are product based and could be monetized in other ways besides adsense. 2. Great Keywords, low competition, informational site, where you just milk the Adsense and realize that it’s not going to be much more than that.

    Best regards,

  129. Hi Justin, nice to have you back over to comment once more! Yeah, the community here is super – friendly, generally very chilled out, totally unfocussed – just like me then, except for the first two ;-)

    Ah, okay Justin – so I got my facts wrong there – sorry about that! Spencer from NichePursuits built the tool, but you’ve been recommending it on AdsenseFlippers. The LongTailPro tool is more accurate than MS even though its still utilizing Yahoo Search for its stats? Perhaps its more accurate in other ways then. To be honest, until recently, and although I had MS and a few other kwd checking tools, I was very happy to simply do things manually by assessing top ten by looking at ‘em. But! More and more errors were creeping in which became very frustrating, plus and obviously – the stats were not at all nearly accurate (not that they’ve ever been that accurate but they were accurate enough to provide a valuable guide a la tip of the iceberg kinda thing). So – I decided to try and figure out MS (me being a tech dummie, that thought had me quaking in my boots, I can tell ya :-)). Suddenly I was rolling with it and its near ideal for all the kwd research that I tend to do – with the exception you’ve mentioned here – its a bit clunky and slow! Good point!

    Nevertheless, I’ll check out Spencer’s LongTailPro and may well give it a whirl since – as mentioned, I spend a lotta time trying to figure decent kwds to go after so no harm at all having a couple of good tools to make comparisons.

    Thanks once again Justin!


  130. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Long Tail Pro as well. I really like that when I first came here, you had reviews up of everything I was looking at buying like BMR and Blacklinks Genie…

    I think Long Tail Pro would be a nice one to review.

  131. Hey Joe,

    BTW, my Adsense appeal failed despite the stats and measures I had taken. Goes to show you and others what you have to deal with when basing your business mode soley on Adsense.

    Setting up an LLC, fine, however different States (in the USA) have different procedures, fees, etc. Not to mention the need to set up a bank account(not difficult really. But do you or anyone else want to go through all that everytime Adsense gets a whim and disables your account? On top of all the work and costs involved in setting up the sites, 100-200 sites in fact?

    P.S. I did get another Adsense Account. Just to show you all how much of a ridiculous business model it is. Drop or add an initial, get another email address, hell you can even keep your physical address the same, simply by changing Street to St. etc. Hell, I even put adsense back on all the old sites, except the one that got affected, I started earning (pennies) straight away.

    Again, I realize some of the things we have to do in IM can be a little on the shady side, that’s just the nature of the beast. But basing your whole business model on something like Adsense. Well to each his/her own, but I think that your readers should at least know all sides of the preverbial “Adsense Coin” before they invest time, money, etc. into this let alone spend money on these types of sites and business model. Again “Caveat emptor or Let the buyer beware”.

    Best regards,

  132. Hey Dave, as is always I try to be, I’ll be diplomatic here also (the only exceptions to my diplomacy generally being about Google and about companies who may be in support of Google – “you scratch my big fat ugly butt and I’ll lick yours in return”). Otherwise, as previously mentioned, I shall try my best to continue to perch comfortably on the fence (like a dweeb, if you wanna call me that).

    I’ll be sure to hire you in future Dave cos you are right – your comment has created a somewhat viral scenario! Perhaps instead of focusing on AdSense for income, you should become a pro-viral blog commenter instead. ;-)

    I agree with you – you’ve been click-bombed, but its Google and the actual perpetrator of the “crime” who needs to be hounded – if that were at all possible to do. Google could give a flying ____ and that’s the biggest issue here in my opinion Dave. Here we are again – they simply do not care that you may have lost your entire livlihood which you may well have been building over the past number of years. Okay, they may well argue that they do not create and fiddle with their search engine for you to make money from it, but its a fact of life – folks are inevitably going to be making money from it – of course they are! And I feel they should do much more to provide us all with a fairer playing field online. After all, who’s to say that your site is not one of the very best in its niche and was providing a vastly superior service to the end user, than almost every other site out there? Is this then not a real disservice to the end user – aka the searcher? They (greedy Goog our god) don’t appear to see it this way – its more like a dog eat dog world for them – one filled with sheer and utter greed and nothing else matters.

    Guru – how would you define “The Love Guru”? LOL – I loved that movie! Sorry – getting off topic as is usual.

    Regards the sites that AdSense Flippers sell – I’ve not looked no, and will indeed spend some time over on Justin’s site when I get a moment.

    Re your points about AdSense sites could be alright if…
    1. they are product based and can be alternatively monetized – I fully agree! The more options you got in terms of monetization, the more you are spreading your eggs around.
    2. based on great kwds which fit the AdSense mould – certainly can’t disagree on that either – its easy to get it all wrong time and time again and think that AdSense is gonna kill it for ya, but what happens when you actually do start to get the rankings – AdSense flops big time! (Be sure to find a niche that can be alternatively monetized before starting out!).

    Gotta go out now – time is shifting on and its Friday – so time to chill out, get some fine food, and grab a beer or more! Catch up wid ya later!

  133. Getting nagged by the girlfriend – why have you not contacted me – its getting late!!!!

    I had a few reviews up Brendan and the LongTailPro is perhaps one I can add in the coming weeks. Thanks for your suggestion!

    Outta here!

  134. Lo OJ (<- :-))

    Wow you highjacked the thread and actually aded some relevant content.. Go stand in the corner with your hat on.

    Go stuff though keep on keeping on.

    As to all this Google bashing and Adsense stuf… OMG

    I just love it when the growd starts to move away for a business area to the next new shiney toy.

    These arguments against adsense are the same one formed by people on ebay!! "Theres no money anymnore" "its to hard to compete" Pooey say I. As entrepreneur this is standard food. We start out trying our best (gamig the system knowingly) and make some money. The rules change (cos "they" saw us game the system) and we adjust.

    There is absouletely nothing wrong woth building 500 adsense websites at $100 cost each as along as you can make $50,000 back in say 6 months.

    Sure cashflow and commen sense would suggest that you build in small batches 25 at a time say once you have the flow.

    Some sites fail, some do ok, some do great guys. Even in November 2011.

    Spech over work to do but i really believe our role as entrepreneur is to try faila and try again. Sure if you get a big win and break out great but its the path were on. There are great benefits.

    The future is Bright (or is it orange).

    Cheers fellow travllers, Saludos compañeros travllers, Приветствия парень travllers

  135. @ Stefe, yeah I have that ability oddly enough – got me dunce cap on and will spend five minutes in the dunce corner now :-)

    I doubt most folks get that Steve – The Future is Bright – or is it Orange? However, you are in luck – I do!! For all those who don’t understand this – it was (or is still?) a TV ad for the mobile/cellular phone network called Orange. Anyways – just to “fail the system” and get back on track once more…

    You gotta wonder is it more difficult to make good money from something like AdSense these days? Well yes and no I would say. Not that I wanna go into the wheels and nuts of the whole kaboodle, but you get something of a saturation in one niche – say credit cards for example where its all the big boys and gals who have cornered the hi end of the market and its exceptionally tough to break into these days unless you have very serious cash flow and a whole ton of patience. On the other side to that, you have new markets opening up regularly – markets that were not even known about a short while ago. So that means more opportunity for all of us.

    However, fact is that Goog is making life more tricky for those who want to utilize SEO. Long gone are the days where you put together an html (or cobol, or whatever coding) website, get it ranking in Google within a week, then sit back and enjoy the income – sometimes a huge income too. Can’t do that no more, really (although my current project is trying to shed some light on how it may be possible to do to some extent even now).

    Here’s that old saying that no doubt bores a lot of folks to death. As internet marketers and entrepreneurs (French words are so tricky to spell correctly but I tink I got dat one right) we are at liberty/liberte to try to “think outside the box”. Let the ideas flow… get creative. The internet offers this potential to us all on the proverbial plate. You can now reach your fellow man and woman-kind who live 20 thousand miles away – just at the touch of a few buttons. You hear about some “lucky” folks getting really wealthy over night with internet start ups and what have you. Well, there’s no doubt that is still possible to do. But let’s face it, we’re not all going to be doing that. But what we all can do is just get more creative about what we turn our attention to.

    Example – very many folks go to clickbank and choose some second rate stock market product simply because it can make good money if you manage to sell it, and also cos half the other IM’s online have jumped on the same bandwagon. Bad idea! Get creative! The more creative you are in your line of thinking, the more chance you have of seeing what we as humans term as “true success”.

    And that sir is where I shall take my leave cos I’ve gone on too long. I like creative thinkers and I wanna be spending a lot of time with them – The Creative Online Think-Tank. So everyone get your creative hats on and let’s chat some more!

    Jo/Lo Jo/Lo oJ

  136. Alright Joe,

    Since I’ve created probably the most viral post you’ve ever had, I think you need to take me under your wing like ol’ Chris and show me how it’s done, OB1Kanobi:) because the Adsense Filpper Guys and ol’ Spencer(oops, sorry I mentioned names) just aren’t cutting it for me mate:)

    BTW, Ebay just rejected my application. Go figure, I get a new Adsense account before they even rejected my appeal, with the same basic info, only changing a few initials, but rejected by eBay…Hmm.

    I would love nothing more than to challenge people like Spencer and The Adsense Flipper Guys (oops, yes, I’m sorry I did it again and actually mentioned names, sorry for being impolite and calling people, I mean Gurus out on the carpet folks) on their approach and have them respond with factual replies(or not in the case of Justin) for all the world to see and make it go viral, but how could I monetize that Joe, hmm……

    BTW Justin, Could you please enlighten us on some monetization strategies for the site you sold on Flipper: something like that), besides Adsense? What was it earning like $7.99 a month. But hey, you bundled it in with 9 or 10 other sites that were earning like $8.99 or $9.99 a month from Adsense. Therefore, you guys sold 10 wesites earning a whopping $100 in total revenue a month for $1200. Hmm, now Justin could you explain to us what would happen, if say google had a cough and a slight algorythm change and the earnings were cut by 50%? May even deindexed? Perhaps someone got a little jelious and started clickbombing those pretty little color coordinated adsense ads resulting in a ban of your client’s adsense account? Are you going to refund the $1200?

    Come on Joe, you gotta be lovin this:)

    Best regards,

  137. @Cristina

    When it comes to the new algorithm udpate… it can be gamed just like any other one… lol.

    Google talks about authority sites but they know just as well as anyone else that there are only three things that they can look for… onpage seo/offpage seo/manually marking sites (which they perceive as authority).

    The most powerful weapon any SEO person can have in their arsenal at this point is a high pr private blog network. Contextual home page type links will make any site an authority one and then you can throw as many spammy (white hat… lol) links at it and as it will make sense in Google’s eyes… rank the site even higher.

    If a site is a PR4,5,6 then its an authority…. now whether you own it or earn that link makes no difference when it comes to ranking. I’m a big fan of BMR and such but their problem is that the links get rolled off and become virtually worthless as time goes by.

    I’ve seen the start of this new update week ago, another wave yesterday and am watching for anything else that might come up. We just have to wait until the storm is over and then figure out the system once again.

    Joseph knows very well that there are always loopholes left and its just a matter of time until we exploit them.



  138. Well Dave, the way things are going right now – I’ll be looking more the Jabba the Hutt than ObiWan.

    Ebay – just have to perevere with those dudes, and if you still don’t succeed – email them to ask why the heck not. Fact is, once you make contact with a real human rather than an eBay R2D2, they are much more responsive.

    How could you monetize a response from Spencer? I suggest you make me an offer, then I will create a private post for you here on the blog. Then I will do a great write-up for it to advertise, and folks can gain access to your dialogue together by paying me a very handsome fee, for which I will give you a cut. How’d that sound, Dave? Interested? Come’on Dave – you gotta be interested… ;-)

    Kind regards

  139. TomL, thanks for following up on Cristina’s call to action – I thought you’d be lurkin around these parts – at least to some extent ;-)

    BMR – fully agree with you – this tool would be top notch but for the fact your posts roll off the higher PR page to an n/a, and that’s it – job done – not a strong backlink any longer. On the other hand, the tool works well, albeit very expensive if you focus on quite a number of domains, and thus need to outsource.

    Talking of hi PR private blog networks – is that something you are considering setting up yourself? You can surely make a very pretty penny from doing so then creating a service around it – logistical headaches aside, as you know. I’ve come across a few of these – one is very popular on Warriors. Sad to say, when I tried it, it flopped badly – no names named however because in true Joseph Archibald style – I don’t want to get into a heated debate with the owner of the network. Did not work for me, but obviously it does work for others, hence the mass of positive feedback.

    Yeah Tom – I like the loophole concept, I really do! I don’t follow these algo updates perhaps as much as I ought to, but simply because I work so much “in” my business, rather than “on” my business, its still possible to come up with alternative methods to potentially either circumvent Goog, or to utilize other ways which take at least some of your eggs outta the Google baskets which in turn offers heightened safe-keeping.

    Hope business is good, Tom!

  140. Jo did you get anywhere with Odesk ? I know people keep bringing it up which never allows you to get over it …. so it is the last update I will ask for lol … can not help the rest of your nosy readers.

  141. I have no problems about discussing this issue Blake cos it allows me to vent!!!

    Okay, after 4 days of ping-ponging back and forth – you did this – but you said that – sorta thing, Odesk took the money out of my account. I asked them about it and they said they will hold it until the matter is finalized. Fair enough. Up till now they’ve found that he (the VA) made some errors in his online diary, and therefore have awarded me 3.46 hours of his time. As far as I know, now what happens is that because he “lied”, they make further assessment regards to the possibility for penalization, in which case I believe my point will be entirely upheld and the matter will be awarded in my favour. Here’s hoping! As it currently stands, I’m still being over-charged by 12 hours, which equates to around 70 bucks.

  142. Well at least they have refunded some of your money … like you said … hopefully they will rule in your favor completely! Nothing worse than someone trying to game you for your cash …..

    by the way … what is the range of articles that will be submitted on BMR for random post? I was doing the 1-3 per day and switched to random and it did 8 post !!! … holy crud that is more than I was expecting lol.

  143. Joseph,

    I have it in my schedule to stop here at least once a week :)

    Business has never been better… when it comes to internet marketing… lol

    My adsense income is doing well and I’ve finally started getting annual contracts with offline clients and am very close to landing some corporate contracts as well (which is what I was aiming for from the beginning as that’s where the money is).

    I looked at some of the top SEO companies in the US and its wild when you think about it. Some of these guys have 30-50 employees which is not much at all and an income of 10-20 million per year.

    Also have been offering some services in the private forums which I’m a member and they’re getting great reviews… but most important is that they’re helping people rank and make money.

    I’ll actually be doing a live webinar with Cary Bergeron on one of these tomorrow evening as he chose to endorse me and has a good following of his own.

    I own a small private blog network and am considering setting something up for a small number of people as its been something that is highly in demand.

    You definitely won’t find me advertising any of my services in places like WF… lol… that place is only good for a quick WSO or a fiverr gig (that’s’ about it).

    The network works great but when letting people in it becomes risky and thus it will be exclusive as anything else I offer which is valuable.

    The pandas have created chaos but I’m seeing a lot of opportunities there and don’t mind what’s happening.

    BMR is definitely great for new sites.. but after a few hundred posts on there per domain… it stops being effective.

    You really need to set some time aside to work “on” the business as the daily grind will suck all the life and ideas out of you. It’s something I’ve done and it helped a lot.



  144. Hi TomL

    some really intresting stuff going on there. I was intrested to hear you comemnt that after a few hundred the effect of BMr is reduced. Ive herd and seen this before but its really great to know my observations stack up.

    The private high PR network does ssem to be the high ground at the moment, does it not?

    I was listen to a pdocast earlier where a guy was talking about an idea. Which is if you can get a good number of quality high PR links back toy ou domain built slowly. Then google seems to allow you to then throw a lot of any link of links at it quicjly and accept these as not being ok as the site has authprity so this would naturally hapen. do youhave any thoughts on that ?

    You right Jo needs to “step away from the controls” :-)

  145. TomL

    When you say you need to set some time aside to work “on” the business …. do you mean time for the “daily grind” ? ie making the links you need to make and hiring who you need to hire ?

    Or do you mean time apart from this? As in time to make sure you are doing what you need to be doing and planning the future? interesting comment but would love clarification on this


  146. @stevewyman

    Love the theory. I believe it to be true, based on some limited testing we’ve done with our “authority” sites that are well aged, but didn’t have the data to back it up. I listened to the same podcast episode you’re referring to I think…was nice to hear someone second the theory. (Although without giving the details that back it up I would add)

    I like this blog, by the way…going to have to add this to my rotation, I think! Scary though…trying to avoid info overload stil, heh.

    Dave – Just wanted to respond to a few of your points.

    1. I think we’re in agreement that alternate monetization methods can be much better than AdSense. In fact, we recommend that to anyone that’s bought our sites…it’s one of the ways you could greatly improve revenue and cut down on your time to break-even on the purchase. Our problem is this: We haven’t found a way to outsource the time/research that’s required to do that on OUR sites. As you’ve mentioned…our sites are (in general) low-earners…so choosing a different monetization method to take a site from $20/month to $30/month hardly seems worth it…even though it’s a 50% increase! It IS worth it if I had an agent here in the Philippines that could do it for me…but for now, I’m the only one that could. We’re working on an answer to this…

    2. The reason we package our sites is so that we don’t have to sell them individually. Our transfer process takes up hours of our time…so if we had to do that on individual sites we’d be making less “per hour” for the work. If we sell 10X sites, it doesn’t take 10X the hours/work to transfer, so we end up having a better profit margin on the sale, if that makes sense.

    3. While we don’t advertise this, we DO look after our buyers post-sale. We had two buyers that purchased sites from us and, in the process of transferring the sites, we got hit with a bunch of “tanked” sites across our network, including some the sites that were just purchased. We considered this OUR responsibility not theirs. We’re working on the sites to correct the problem (with moderate success so far) and have promised to replace the lost income with sites that are equally earning, no questions asked. Our brand and trustworthiness is the cornerstone to what we’re doing…nothing is more important to us.

    4. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t refund a customer that had their AdSense account banned, lost rankings due to an algorithm change, etc…just like we wouldn’t expect the buyer to pay us more if the sites get picked up for more longtails from the additional content, improve in rankings, etc. That risk/reward ultimately lies with the buyer…just as it lies on us for the sites that we currently own/keep. I don’t think there’s anything surprising here…if i had a well diversified authority site that was making $2,000/month that I sold for $40,000 and the buyer’s (well earning) affiliate offer went away, they ran the site into the ground, etc. I would not feel inclined to refund for that site either. Would you?

    5. Lastly…there’s really no reason to belittle our niche sites…there are multiple ways to skin a cat! I like authority sites too…we’re definitely not saying our way is the only way…or even the BEST way. Hell…even if it’s working for us it may not work for someone else following the exact same process! If anything, we hope that people can learn from our success/failure, take what works for them, and improve their process by adding tweaks they learned from what we’ve shared. We DEFINITELY have selfish motivations around our brand building, free content, etc…we disclose that pretty clearly. In fact, this discussion has got me thinking…I’d like to start talking more about our thoughts on building AROUND our process…how building a sustainable, profitable model doesn’t necessarily have to be expanded to kingdom-come. If we better explain our short/long term goals with branding, message, and plans we have for the future and how we think THAT will make us money…I think that might be some stellar content. I really like the fact that it focuses on the mid-tier marketers…and not the IM beginners.

    Anyway, thanks for the banter!

  147. Yeah Blake, I’ll get some of it back – kinda lost touch with progress on that matter so I’m not sure what’s happening with it right now.

    BMR and randomized posts – anything between 1 and 10 per day. I suspect this is not such a good setting to use from the very beginning on a fresh site cos you could get a bunch of “10′s” going out on the trot.

  148. Hey Tom, good to learn that business is good for you!

    Yeah, when you think about it – in a sense – working corporate SEO “gigs” actually gets you out of the hands of Google (in respect to growing your own business), so you are placing your eggs in different baskets, even though you still work SEO. Smart move, really!

    10 – 20 million a year – its insane! But I guess they must be making their clients a whole heap of money so fair is fair after all. I’m always on the look out for venture capitalist money – so far no takers though. Not that I wanna be working a “job” however – so fact is – I’d have to screen anyone who was interested as much as they would be screening me for any skeletons in my closet ;-) However, I’m all too aware that going to these big blogging and IM events over in the States is a good way to make contacts, thus its in my itinerary to venture over your way some time next year – part for pleasure, and part for business.

    Let me know about the Cary Bergeron interview Tom, will ya? I very rarely take time to listen to podcasts or interviews, but I will with this one.

    Okay – I’ll come clean about that blog network on Warriors since you say you are going to be doing something along those lines – I mentioned this before but did not name names – Matt La Clear. I gave that service a shot – $99 a go and what he claims to do is to get at least one of your chosen kwds in top ten in Goog. Well, put it this way – he did not manage to do that with my site, although he claimed he did. However, he does have a mass of positive feedback on Warriors, so obviously the service must work on the whole – just not for me.

    BMR is only great for sites if you keep churning out new sites. As you’ve stated here Tom – you can only go so far with it on a single domain, then you gotta move along swiftly to some other tool/s.

    Fortunately I do manage to work on the business and not always in. But some weeks I’m guilty of working too much of the “in” and not enough of the “on”. Mind you, if you are aware of that, and you do wanna change it slowly, which you really ought to do if you want to see growth, then its always very possible to do.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply Tom – I know you are a busy dude. Let me know about the Cary Bergeron interview – I’m sure Chris is interested also as he is a big time fan.


  149. @ Steeve – I’m not talking to you since you chose to offer your cutting edge guest post to Chris Ducker and not to me. How are you gonna make this up to me I wonder??

  150. Justin, I’ll pick up on a couple of your points, if I may…

    AdSense is the fastest way to monetize a site. Look at what’s happened with me on this new site purchase I’ve made – I go and dump all the Amazon stuff that’s on there in favour of AdSense, only to find that the chances are – AdSense is not gonna cut it. So this means I’ll probably have to re-monetize using Amazon all over, which will take a whole heap more time than when merely popping AdSense on the site. Time is money, after all. Fortunately the site is in a niche that although I know nothing about – its kinda like a “boys toy” type of thing so the interest is there for me to improve my knowledge and therefore enjoy working on the site.

    Regards site transfer – I found a chap on Fiverr who was great! He had all my files over from the previous host and onto mine within an hour or so, then kept “pestering” me to hurry along with the domain name re-hosting also. Fully trustworthy I may add, which obviously is key. Thus, you may wish to outsource this side of things to enhance your bottom line.

    Thanks for taking the time to come back to us on these points Justin!


  151. Well I guess i wont Hold my breath for a reply then :) …. You answered it anyways with one of your reply’s which as always are full of gems. :) I am afraid I am always working both in and on my business (mostly in right now and it is driving me crazy)

  152. Don’t be holding your breath Blake ;-)

    For most folks its a case of working more “in” than “on” in the earlier days. But the key thing is to make up your mind which you want and focus on achieving it. Working “on” the business takes more cash flow generally speaking, but there’s no harm at all in having a game plan set up and in motion to achieve what it is you want, even when the cash flow is low.

  153. @stevewyman

    The high pr private networks have been the high ground for quite some time now… but its just that at this point it is becoming normal to share the information with the public. The best methods are usually hidden for quite some time until a lot of people start figuring out what’s going on and then they start spilling out. The problem with these networks will always be the cost of setting them up, due diligence when purchasing and maintenance.

    Those that don’t know what they’re doing buy up some older domains and lose it all during the next pr update.

    BMR is great for newer domains but after some time you will need some other advanced techniques or sell the site before it starts slipping in the rankings.


    Time “in” the business is the building links, hiring and other day to day operations. The time on the business is the thinking process, evaluating and looking back on what you did. I usually do other things during that time that have nothing to do with the business but it is when I come up with my best ideas. Steve Jobs used to walk and talk with friends and that did it for him… the virgin airlines guy likes to lay in his hammock etc.

    I schedule time for working out each day and thinking… as that helps me the most in growing the business. When you work in it too much… you will start becoming a machine (employee) and lose the ability to think creatively.


    Here’s the link to the webinar… you’re the only public blog that has it and there are a few open spots for people which aren’t directly invited (first come… first serve type deal).

    “We’ll be rolling live with a webinar tomorrow night Nov 22nd at 8pm EST. This will be our first live webinar so there could be some technical hiccups but I will do everything in my power ahead of time to alleviate them.

    Use this link to register –



  154. Tom, thanks kindly for the link to the webinar! Should I not be able to come along, will you also be creating a podcast? Its hi time I invested in an IPad or IPod or whatever the devil its called – I this… I that – so many “I’s” these days my brain has become befuddled!!

    Let me quote ya…

    I schedule time for working out each day and thinking… as that helps me the most in growing the business. When you work in it too much… you will start becoming a machine (employee) and lose the ability to think creatively.

    So, you are adding braun to your body and your brain is what you are telling us? ;-) Agreed – too much doing is not a good “doing” – you gotta make space for the creativity or you’ll just be an IM sheep, so to speak. Follow everyone else cos that “seems” to work… The true creative thinkers tend to be the ones that gain the most success in life – Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Joseph Archibald – just to name the four of them for now!! :-)

  155. @tomL

    Do you advocate boosting the BMR’s with backlinks? And as tomore advanced technique could you expand a little further as to what youmean?


  156. @Justin,

    I appreciate you coming to this blog of Joseph’s and addressing the whoe Adsense issue. I think that we can both agree that basing a business and monetization model soley on one type, whether its Adsense or something else is unecessarily risky.

    Furthermore, and perhaps ironically, I was and (still am) a reader of your blog. I appreciate the content and points of view as a few others have mentioned here its great free content and I will believe it or not still continue reading your blog.

    BTW as I had mentioned I did get another Adsense account, not difficult, but it has made me do a serious rethink on the whole business model. Has forced me to go into other monetization modes like CPA and Affiliate Marketing. Focus more on traffic generation etc. My “Clickbombing” incident was a wake up call and I hope the real possibility is a wake up call for others.

    With the above said, I am still building Adsense sites, although I’ve slowed down, re-thought the niches and now focus on the long term potentials and other monetization possibilities for each new site. I have to admit, it is fun doing the keyword research, designing the site, color coordination and positioning of ads, tweeking, etc. as well as checking my adsense earnings regularly. It is in fact much more difficult switching over from Adsense to Affiliate Marketing and CPA, Advertising etc.

    Anyway, I appreciate the time you took on this blog to address the points I had mentioned. I hope that you didn’t take too much of an offense, but I believe authority always needs to be questioned, not just accepted.

    Best regards,

  157. Hey Joseph,

    Regarding the video creator at Fiverr, what sort of instructions do you give? Just the topic of the article? I’ve gotten a video done before, but was concerned that I had no idea where the images came from (copyright concerns).


    Thanks for letting us all look in at this experiment.


  158. Hi Alan, I used the same girl a couple of times. I simply took content from my website – half a page – and told her to read thru that. She did a very good job. No need for copyright concerns if you use your own materials.

    Best to you too!

  159. Hey Joe/Dave,

    I’d put some thought into what happens when your AdSense account gets banned after reading these comments. While I had mentioned some of the risks associated with publishing AdSense sites, I thought it worthwhile to address that particular issue specifically. (Interestingly enough…I’d had 2 emails about the issue in the last two weeks…showing others were interested as well.)

    I do think that a large majority of those that are banned knew it was coming and knew exactly why and mentioned that…but there do seem to be some that are caught up in Google’s net through false-positives. Although I’ve never dealt with this, I lay out the steps I would take if it were to happen to me.

    Link below:

  160. Thanks for sharing your post with us here Justin (and for pinching my regulars with your link ;-)). I too thought about this whole thing about Goog dumping AdSense accounts due to “click bombing”. I don’t get it – they can monitor IP addresses of those who are doing the clicking. And if something does seem untoward, they simply don’t provide payment to the AdSense ad publisher, which happens fairly often – lots of clicks from a particular IP address equates to no payout to the publisher. So I’m not at all sure why they would dump an AdSense account in this instance.

  161. Well, well the preverbial sh.. has finally hit the fan. Although I don’t like seeing anyone get their Adsense Account disabled since it happenned to me, it looks like all the adsense gurus are running for cover. Read Spencer’s blog and Adsense Flippers.. Who’s next, Pat Flynn? Of course when it happenned to little old me, it must have been my fault, because Adsense never disables accounts without good reason right?? I must have been clicking my own ads…

    I guess a rethink on monetization models makes a little more sense now, right?

  162. P.S. What happenned to all Spencer’s LLC’s Steve? Looks like he’s going to Kontera and other weak CPC networks.

    That’s the whole problem with MFA sites, and has been for years. Not because of thin content, but info only sites based on Adsense regardless of how stellar the content is so dependent on one monetization model that when they pull the rug out from under you, you are in essence scr…!

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Spencer pulls this one off. My hat’s off to him if he does. As for the Adsense Flipper guys, curious to see how much of a wake up call this truly is with their EMD info based sites. I wonder how their “flipping” site business model is going to proceed.

    Good luck!

  163. David – you were clicking your own ads so that settles that predicament. I dunno – maybe you sleep walk or something. And during your sleep walking, you have a habit of turning on your computer and then clicking your own ads.

    Joking aside – I understand your point. When the “big timers” get their accounts banned its big news, but when the “small guy” gets his or her account dumped, its not a big deal – you’ve done something wrong and you deserve what you get.

    If its of any consolation for us small timers however, it will be interesting and very educational to follow along with how folks like Spencer deal with this and how they implement their changes.

    For anyone who has not read Spencer’s post about this please go here…

    And I just read a very good “report” over on Justin and Joe’s site about what you should “try” to do should you also come to the same fate and have your AdSense account banned:

  164. I would imagine that very many of the AdSense Flipper guys’ sites would change over nicely to eBay and Amazon, David. I’m not overly aware of the sites that they generally sell though. Nor am I aware of Spencer’s niches and sub niches (I doubt anyone is other than Spencer, of course). I’ve often found that AdSense is out-performed by eBay and/or Amazon by a long shot.

  165. @David – I dont know but my thoughts are that when he registered the adsense account his name was included in the adsense setup. With the same address so they were able to connect the dots.

    I think eveyrbody should just panic and leave the whole BUSINESS of makeing money on line and go back to WORK its much easier and you dont need to feel picked on. :_) LOL. Its been a tough couple of months but running any business is tough with its ups and downs. Growing a bricks and mortar business from £0 to £1million plus had a lot of pot holes in the road. You have to get up and move on.

    I assume like any REAL business you monetise your websites via Adsense,, Infolinks, AMAZON, eBay, Drop shipping and through fullfillment.

    Dont forget Spencer has branched out into products as well. related to adsense typically but still outside direct adsesene sites

    Ill be very upset WHEN google slaps any of my sites but then i’ll get drunk and get up the next day and carry on with my other business streams.


  166. Steve, if the guys over at lost their AdSense account/s, apparently they would toddle off to Boracay (or Palawan) beach and sit with some fruit juice. I dunno, maybe I’m missing something but I think I’d follow your lead and get drunk – part in celebration that I no longer had to worry about my AdSense sites getting dumped by Google in one way or the other.

  167. For what I’ve read in the comments on Spencer’s blog he could still monetize his AdSense sites through a new account linked to his LLC, as long as he, as an individual, is not connected to it.
    But he said he’s not willing to do it. Because this has been a wake up call and also because the new account could be eventually (for the same or different reasons) banned and it would be the same again.

    So, I think he’s more in the mood to try something different.

  168. Well lots say names out loud as im figure Google is watching :-) lol

    Bear in mind they have other business’s as we all should..

    Id will get seriously drunk when it happens i happen to like adsense. the data and speed of setting up a new stream of income is awesome. nothing compares.

    Hey ho up and at them…

  169. Steve, I like AdSense too – when I’m making good money from it and Goog are playing ball with me on my rankings. Yeah, its a super business model for new-bee and old-ee alike!

    Hey ho, up and at ‘em – I’ve got my first beer for the night already chillin nicely!

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