Now cos I don’t want to make up my own list at the moment and also cos I don’t really like the idea of swiping someone else’s complete list (particularly when no credit is given for their hard work!) I’m just going to pop a link in here to a web page that has been put together by the journalist Dana Willhoit.

I’m not entirely sure when this list was last updated but I clicked a few of the link on the page over there and they all worked fine.

So without further ado, here is the link to Dana’s PR website list

Thank you!


pixel List of FREE PRESS RELEASE Websites

5 thoughts on “List of FREE PRESS RELEASE Websites”

  1. Hmmm… a lot of press release sites offer strong backlinks. Why use them up to link to your buffer layer and not to your money site? If you enjoy doing PR’s then it would be wise to do a bit of both – linking to buffer layer and linking to money site. First to buffer layer which will then strengthen your money site, then to money site which will be (hopefully) strong enough with backlinks by then that Google don’t dance your web pages around much.

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