How to Make a Full Time Income From eBay…

Last couple of days on eBay have been pretty good. After such a poorly performing month over-all, its finally managed to hit a home run. For the last 2 days, income has been around $105 so that’s a bit of a booster.

Hardly life-changing but no complaints either. If that income flow was on-going throughout the month then this would equate to $1575 over 30 days, which is worthy, I’m sure you agree.

And do remember, this income is only from eBay, so not to mention all the other “ventures” besides. Money comes to those who venture outwith…

Its best not to keep all your eggs in the same basket however, so don’t! Take it from me, its far better to diversify your monetization methods, cos you never know what “disaster” could be looming just around the corner. A change in eBays affilate terms and conditions, for example…


Anyhow, and after all, this is fairly much passive income, once I get my sites sorted out and “chiseled” a bit more than they are now. And then I’m going to hit quite a few of them with some heavy SEO, which should see the income rise substantially, I hope icon wink How to Make a Full Time Income From eBay...


I’m testing out a new ‘technique’ regards to SEO. Its a monthly fee-based service, and you can ramp it up to suit your needs. But that would set you back almost as much as the average monthly wage if you were to go high-end with it – $2k a month!

For now I’m just toying with very much the low-end, so the cost of it is well worth while – $47 a month. I really like to move on from service to service these days. You’ve got to keep on looking if you are doing this SEO stuff on a semi-professional basis otherwise you’d be left behind in no time. But you should also be checking out different services even if you blog or internet market on a very part time basis.

I know time is very valuable and thus creating content is the primary goal. But at the same time, if you want to SEO to any extent (which means that your site visitors could multiply endlessly!), then you should make yourself aware of what is out there to really help you to obtain your goals.

This is another good reason for keeping up to date with blogs like the SEO tips blog here – I have to check out linking services, and I am happy to report back my findings to you.


I keep on with Blog Blueprint because for many of my long-tailed orientated web pages it simply does wonders. If you are looking to rank for some really tough keyword phrase then I’m afraid that BB is not going to do that all on its own. But if you want to rank for a long tail that is not too competitive, you can go from being ranked 200 in Google to being ranked in top 10 within days – literally! I’ve never seen the like of it, actually.


I keep up with The Best Spinner too cos its a fantastic piece of software. Has its glitches – sometimes crashes and what have you, but over-all its perhaps the best value for money software I’ve ever had. $77 for a year is amazing value!

On the other hand, you have to be really focused to get the best out of this software – I find writing articles can be a tedious process, so I have to have the right mind-set, which is certainly not the case all the time.


As a sidenote here, Tia over on (and yes, my links are all DO FOLLOW!) has been reporting some absolutely amazing stats with regards to her recent StumbleUpon submission. What was it – something like 14 thousand blog views via StumbleUpon within 3 days (or even less). Fortunately I’ve managed to ‘rope’ BizChickBlogger Tia into guest-posting for us here on SEO Tips. She’s a great gal and I’m really looking forward to reading her article when it comes within the next… year. Hehe, just joking BizChickBlogger!

Oh, and I’m vying for top commentor on her blog, which means that I’m also vying for the monthly prize of a free StumbleUpon submission (are you listening Tia?!). But the main point here being, if you do not comment on blogs then no one gets to know you. You have to say your piece or else you remain an unknown in the social media sphere.

I used to do the same – just lurk in the background, reading what I could and never saying much. After all, forums such as the Warrior Forum can be really harsh places to comment on, and you can be open to all sorts of attack. But to be honest, now that I take the time to comment on a number of other great blogs, my online life is more fun.

Take this as an example. Today I went over to Gera’s blog, which I have never visited before today. Its a foodie lover blog. I love food, I love different cultures and learning about their culinary skills. But on Gera’s recent post, he’s tied in the World Cup with Urugyan food. Its simply “delicious”, so of course I had to comment. My other passion in life besides SEO is food, so I’m compelled to say something over on Gera’s blog.

And here is another HOT food lover blog – Italiano style and written up by the Italian Mama herself-

Geez, I’m loving it!


You should do the same here – commenting I mean. Chances are good that when you comment you get some (or a ton of) visitors to your own blog, and that will include me too. The more popular your blog is, the closer you are to fulfilling your own goals. I’m sure you agree…

Comments are MOST WELCOME!!

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21 thoughts on “How to Make a Full Time Income From eBay…”

  1. Well Joseph, you can’t go wrong with Tia. She is great. I look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know what you have going on here. Have a great day, thanks for the shout out and thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the link up.

  2. Ebay is giant that I need to dig in but by the moment I’ve few time, to explore all the tricks related.

    Tia has an excellent blog! and thanks so much for mention my blog and the visit also! Uruguayan food matches perfect for football (at least in front of a TV)

    StumbleUpon is an excellent social site, I’m an active user there.

    Apart of SEO you’re a food lover wow- I’m the opposite, apart of being a foodie love SEO too :)
    Today is game day so will see the next results of the world cup.



  3. The pleasure is mine Michelle, and thanks a lot for coming by here!

    Yes, I totally agree, Tia is grrrrreeeaaaattt, and hence her massive Stumble Upon figures!

    Can’t wait to be spending more time on your blog reading up about fantastic Italian recipes – so yuummmy!

    Regards to you Michelle,

  4. Hi Gera, thanks so much for coming by SEO tips!

    I used to wonder how anyone can make money from eBay as an affiliate as there was/is so many competitors all selling as affiliates. That was up until about 14 months ago when I finally managed to get accepted onto their affil program (from a website that was shortly afterwards de-indexed by Google and has never been re-indexed). Up till then I had tried AdSense and Amazon, but eBay is the real reason I have managed to leave the UK and now live in Malaysia – its provided enough income for me to make that big step.

    Yes, Tia is the real deal and I find myself gravitating towards her blog time and again for obvious reasons. She does like to make fun of me, but hey, if you can’t have a laugh in life then what can you have…

    Tia tells me that you are responsible for her massive Stumble-Upon views so you must be a very regular SU user yourself Gera, to say the least! Absolutely amazing figures!

    I would love to have a Malaysian food blog – take a load of photos of all that wonderful hawker center food. Its so delicious and so affordable. I may well create that out of my Damai travel site, purely for the joy of it. I’ll no doubt pick up tips from yourself Gera and from Michelle the Italian Mamma. How do you monetize your blog, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m a vegetarian (except for the occasional indulgence in those huge tiger prawns they serve up here), so that may be a different slant to the normal food blog. Anyone who thinks being vegetarian is boring, well, let me say its very far from it – its heaven on earth, so to speak!

    So Holland have returned to their former glories and have over-turned Brazil. It comes as no huge surprise really – the Dutch have always been a superb footballing nation. Next up Ghana and Uruguay, so good luck with this Gera!

    Regards to you and thanks for stopping by here!


  5. Jo – Wow!!! What an amazing shout-out. I really appreciate it. And what’s more – I “met” Gera and Michelle via – whaddyaknow, commenting! :)

    Lonely Bloggers just don’t get it. They just don’t. Sigh.

  6. Thanks for the Tweet Tia the Twitterer! And my pleasure entirely!

    Where is “whaddyaknow commenting”? I must visit! ;-)

    Yeah, well I used to be a “lonesome” SEO’er so I know how it is, really. But taking part by commenting is so much more fun. Makes life online seem that much more real. Great way to “meet” folks!

    Can you hook up blog comments to Twitter, Tia? I got my posts hooked up, but it might be cool to get the posts on there too if its possible…?

  7. Its my pleasure Tina! And thanks too for stopping by and taking the time to add you thoughts!

    I noticed I was the only bloke who had commented on your post over at “Life Without Pink”, but hey, no harm in that, right? A comment is a comment no matter who’s mouth it comes from. So I’ll be back again for sure!

    Take care Tina and thanks again!


  8. Hi Joseph very interesting your approach to Ebay, and wow leading to have your home at Malaysia.

    StumbleUpon can send massive quantity of traffic if it is issued properly. If you are at SU just send me a ping there.

    If you want a top Malaysian food blog, visit rasamalaysia, you’ll find there excellent content.
    About how I monetize the blog is with banners, adsense, private ads and affiliate links (but not much luck with affiliates), of course it is a work in progress, I’m still learning and trying new things.

    There is not problem at all for being vegetarian respect a food blog, indeed there are successful ones at blogland.
    I’ll visit your other travel blog.

    Today I haven’t had time to visit and comment on other blogs because of the Ghana and Uruguay game….phew ended successfully (almost a lost game) and now everybody is more calm here but celebrating :)

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend!


  9. Hi Gera, great to have you here and thanks for coming by!

    When I first started out in this game – even my “first foray” and thanks to Cory Rudl – back in 2003, it was all SEO, SEO, SEO. I did not learn much at all about social networking over the months and years, but I know by not doing so I’m missing out. Its fun!

    I now find SEO to be fun too – but obviously from a very different viewpoint. Its totally anti-social however! Very much everyone for themselves mentality. And although I myself am making the transition over from “hush, hush – keep everything secret”, its very obvious that the vast majority of folks who are either starting out on SEO or who have been doing it for quite some time, still have the hush, hush way of doing things. Secretive.

    I’m actually trying to get folks who are keen to learn SEO to see this differently – I “nag” folks that its much better to try working together than it is to be working alone all the time. Social networking such as StumbleUpon and Facebook are the opposite side of the scale here. Very much about comrade-ship, which I really like the idea of, even though its nice to slip back to SEO. After all, if it were not for SEO I would not be loving my life like I do now!

    Gera, when you say to send you a ping when at SU, can you perhaps enlighten me a bit please? Not sure how to ping you from SU.

    Many thanks for the info re the Malaysian food-lovers blog – I will be very sure to visit! The food here is absolutely marvellous! I’m sure you read a bit of my other blog – the Damai one, and just how passionate I am about this place on the whole, and that definitely includes the food!

    Yup, vegetarian are well catered for here – very well! The only thing I really miss is mature cheddar cheese ;-)

    I managed to catch the game last night – wow – such a close game. I bet you were having panic attacks when Ghana had that penalty!

    I’ll be sure to come on over to your blog often Gera, and thanks once again for taking the time to come over to SEO Tips!


  10. Hi Joseph

    Yes SEO can be tricky, lonely and is a tech art. Nowadays several SEO people are calling the new SEO 2.0 for the interaction with social media.

    The ping was just a verb only, if you use SU visit me or send a internal message there.

    Lovely your Damai blog focused in travel and hotels.

    Last Uruguayan games are for heart attacks ;) and next with Netherlands ouch…

    All the best,


  11. Must be some sort of weird combo because I love to cook also, and I love SEO and Internet Marketing! I do want to start a food blog and work on a cookbook soon! Great post Joseph, more ppl should be commenting and getting to know each other! I have not messed with Ebay yet, maybe I will give it a shot soon! I want to try some of these paid SEO services, but I simply cant afford them at all right now.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Matthew Gannon.

  12. Hello Gera, thanks for coming by again – managing to find time in between the football matches too!

    I fully agree that the interaction with social media is a form of SEO. Its a bit “looser” than the traditional format, but it can be a lot more enjoyable, having much more social interaction than with SEO alone.

    O I see about the “ping” on SU. I’ll be sure to do that Gera.

    Yes, the Damai blog was initiated about 20 months ago when I first visited Kuching and Damai. I was full-on about making an income from the internet at that time, although was spending far more than I was making – outsourcing to full time employees in the Philippines. But I needed a break from business-orientated sites, and thought about doing something that I would be passionate about. Hence the Damai site. Its not nearly as bulky as it could be, but all in good time…

    When is the next match Gera? I’ll be sure to watch it!


  13. Yes, I’ve noticed your photos up on FaceBook Matt – regards the cooking. I find that reading about cooking and travel is a great way to unwind from full-on money, money, money way of thinking, which tends to be the way when we are focused so much on AdSense and SEO and what have you. I often have the Asian Food Channel or the Travel programmes on in the background while I’m working online. It helps me to relax and also to marvel at the cullinary delights and wonderful landscapes etc.

    eBay is fairly tough to get accepted onto now Matt. As I mentioned some-place, I managed to get onto it with a cycling site which very soon after was de-indexed by Google. Never was re-indexed either, oddly enough. But I had no ads on the site, and I bought a 2 year domain to try and impress on them that it was no fly-by-night sort of website. And obviously the pages had a few images and all unique content. That was my second attempt at joining eBay.

    The paid-for SEO services really “can” give you the foot up to the next level. If you are only intent on really easy long tails (no harm in this whatsoever!) then paid-for SEO tools may not be necessary. But for anything that is kinda tricky and competitive, either you would have to really slog at gaining decent rankings – that would be no joy – or you need to get some tools in to make the job easier.

    Even though you cannot yet afford to invest in any right now Matt, its worth reading up about them in general. You’ll soon get the gist of which tools are really worth the investment, and which are simply not cutting it.


    PS. regards to commenting on the blog. I’ve learned something about this – only very recently. There appears to be 2 types of folks – broadly speaking – those who merely wish to assimilate the information on offer and then move on (which tends to be the most of us) and those who much prefer to take part by commenting.

    Up till now I’ve been wondering why on other blogs they seem to get so many more comments than I do, and I thought it was me who was getting this wrong somehow. But I noticed on a guest post I made around the same time that I made the one for your blog Matt, that the amount of comments on that post is far greater than on any of my posts here on the SEO Tips – it was me who wrote the post so how can that be?

    Answer is that if you want to attract many more comments on your blog, then you have to court the blog-o-sphere much more than I was actually doing. Fellow bloggers are the folks who are going to read and then reply. So no, its not at all correct that the blogger is “doing something wrong” when he or she is not attracting comments on their posts. Its much more the fact that their current blog audience are generally not the commenting type of readers.

  14. SU can help your rankings. This post received almost 200k visitors but did not went viral anywhere else, yet it’s 3rd on google for ‘mental math tricks’ and 12 for ‘mental math’ (79 and 1627 DAILY searches respectively). Now, that page has only 7 backlinks and it’s one month old I think. Imagine if I start (I will) to build some backlinks for them..

    Note that my blog shows a PR of 1 but in reality it’s a 3 or 4. The reason is that I changed from www to www-less after the last pr update.

  15. Hi Oscar, thanks for your input!

    Incredible stats re SU!! I never realized quite the power of SU (StumbleUpon), not at least until the other day when Tia the BizChickBlogger made me aware of her recent stats from SU. I think that was about 14k visitors within about 4 days or something insane like that.

    Yes, I can see some 7 links showing in Yahoo for the particular page you mention up there. Must be that the others are simply not showing up – at least as yet. Its obvious that a page could not rank so highly in Google for the search you quoted without a ton more backlinks than that.

    Incidentally, that web page has a Google PR0, where your home page is an n/a.

    Are you now seeing a lot of visitors via Google then Oscar, due to the high rankings for “mental math tricks”? It will be interesting to see how you fare regards visitor count once you get top 10 with “mental math”.

    I bet you spent ages providing feedback to the comments ;-)

    Kind regards

  16. The blog shows a low PR because I recently removed the www from the domain (ok I know it was a seo mistake). I think a lot of people bookmarked that page as well, so google might actually have seen that. Ranking for mental math will be another story but I’ll give it a try! Regarding stats, around 150 people from google for either mental math or mental math tricks in the last 30 days.

  17. I am still so new at this I tried eBay, but I was declined. I tried niche sites a couple years ago and I was approved for eBay but I do not remember what I was doing differently then as opposed to now. I figured I would wait several months and try again on a site that was doing well.

  18. No big deal Oscar. You’ll find that many SEO’ers care little about Google’s PR when it comes to working upon rankings. Even though I have read about what Goog PR means etc. about a thousand times I still don’t fully understand it – shrouded in mystery as are almost all-things-Google. How many times do you see blogs & websites that obviously receive a ton of visitors who love to spend time on the blog or site, but yet the webpages rank a PR0. Very often!

    You should get top 10 for “mental math” with some more backlinks (self generated…?). If its worth it – either financially or for other reasons, then you could of course get top 5, regardless the competition is gonna be kinda tough (the comp being more ego – driven than motivated by financial gain, one would have to presume ;-) ).

    Thanks for the stats – I would imagine the vast majority of the visitors are coming in via the “mental math tricks” door. Once you get top 10 for “mental math” you’ll see a change for the better with regards to that.

    Happy birthday Oscar!


  19. Hi Kelly, for sure it can be a bit hit and miss re being accepted by eBay. Most folks set up a new site in the hopes that it will be accepted straight-off-the-bat. But they fairly often tend to get things wrong – there are certain guidlines that should be adhered to when applying to eBay’s affiliate program.

    Really, all we need to do here is put ourselves in eBay’s shoes and try and work it from that angle – get an idea why they changed things from being very easy to join (like Amazon, for example) to being a lot more tricky.

    Easy to say once you are accepted, but not so easy if you are still struggling to join I guess.


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