Can You Make a Ton of Money From Amazon Kindle Publishing?

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Before I begin my blog post, please note that for all those folks who scrape images illegaly for their own use – don’t do it with this one. I have full copyright for it, and I’ve payed handsomely too. If you scrape it or copy it in any way, I’ll not be pleased and I’ll have no hesitation in coming after you in terms of legality. Thank you for your concern.


Lots of folks are getting involved with Amazon Kindle publishing and for good reason too. If it works for you, it can change your life around entirely.

Well, let me spell out the reality… for most folks it does not change anything at all and many (although not all) of those internet marketers who keep shouting with the loudest voice that Kindle is where it is at, and they offer a course to tell you how it’s done, are simply trying to take money from your pocket.

Sorry if I’m treading on some toes here, and surely I am (I could name a number of marketers who simply churn out one expensive product after another regards to how to be succesful at Kindle publishing and much of it is utter garbage… I’ll resist naming any names… Well, okay, now that you twist my arm, how about John Jonas and Jay Boyer. Their stuff is generally okay but the problem I have is that they churn out such a gross amount of costly products that it soon becomes apparent that all they want is to make a ton of money from unsuspecting marketers.


Anyhow, here’s my reasoning.

If you, as a marketer, are so good at crafting books for Kindle, and you are making a ton of money from it (Steve Scott comes to mind – he’s seeing some very good success and his books deserve that success – Steve is one of the few top class internet marketers that I highly admire), then why would you want to bother selling your system to the IM world?

I mean, surely you’d be happy to focus on writing (creating) books for Kindle and that’s it. I don’t know – maybe I’m missing something.

Fact is that some folks enjoy teaching others how to do stuff (me included – I like teaching when I have something to teach) so there’s motive enough for “some” marketers to create a how-to Kindle publishing course.

But I still suspect that for most IM’s it’s more about greed than anything else. They concoct a crappy Kindle publishing product then sell it to desperate marketers. Where have you heard that before?


Anyhow, let me put my own Kindle publishing experiences into some perspective here.

It makes sense for me to publish my works on Kindle because I’m actually a half-decent writer (so I like to think) and I actually really enjoy writing for some markets. Another way to put that – it’s a passion for me.

Now, kinda getting off the point here. I listened to a podcast on Pat’s blog recently (Pat Flynn, that is) about why you should NOT focus on your passions if you want to be successful online. Here’s the link – the podcast is fascinating. Nevertheless, as an experienced marketer myself, I couldn’t help but see – or sense – a number of gaping holes in the method being discussed (as the commentor TomL has also pointed out – you can see his comment at the very top. TomL is a friend of mine, and he too is a very experienced marketer). That’s besides the point though. Let’s move on…


Thus far I’ve published seven books on Kindle, covering two different niches/ markets, and honestly, none of them have been particularly successful. Okay and for sure, you can argue that seven books is no-where near enough to (necessarily) see success. Ah well, I’m still working on that… Anyhow, folks like Amanda Hocking hasn’t published a whole raft of books, and yet she makes millions in income each year.

It’s a bit strange really because for one of the niches that I focused on, when I took the books off Kindle (“unpublished” from Kindle) and republished excerpts of those books to cater to a more specific clientele, my work became very popular indeed. On Kindle though, it flopped rather pathetically, regardless the fact that Kindle attracts so many potential buyers each and every day.

That kinda suggests that Kindle is not the be-all-and-end-all to publishing stuff online.

The other niche/ market I focused on was cooking.

As you may know, I set up a website called Fatso In the Kitchen (oddly enough, in recent times I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and am now down to 73 kg. For a 6 ft guy that’s not overweight at all, so the name Fatso In the Kitchen is something of a misnomer icon smile Can You Make a Ton of Money From Amazon Kindle Publishing? ) which details my experiences in the kitchen.

Once again, my (cook) books on Kindle have proven to be something of a failure. For sure, I’ve sold quite a few of the two books I put together, and when gifting those books as freebies on KDP they flew off the shelves. But sales have never really gotten off the ground to any great extent. Not too bad, but not good enough.

For one of my cookery books – slow cooker desserts (you can see it over to the right in the sidebar), I popped it on KDP freebie for 48 hours and it had almost 5,400 downloads within that time. Well, does that mean I’ll make a whole load of sales off the back of the success here? Not on your nelly! I get a couple of sales per day and that’s it. A couple of sales per day nets me about 4 bucks per day. Not exactly IM millionaire status, is it?

[Makes you wonder though... if you can figure out a popular niche on Kindle, and you can figure a way to get folks to click a link within your freebie book, and then take some sort of action... then why not do lot's of KDP freebies... This is more than FOOD for thought - pardon my pun... If you can build a list from freebie books on Kindle - I mean, you get my point...]


For the other cook book which I invested more time in, it’s had quite a few freebie downloads also on KDP although not to the same extent as the dessets book. But then it’s a much more niche niche, if you see what I mean – Crock Pot Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes.

I came a cropper with this book though because a couple of the reviews (the only two reviews I’ve had at the time of writing this blog post) were fairly harsh. One saying that a single fish recipe I’d included in the book was not vegetarian, and the other said that some of my recipes were not exacty gluten-free.

Erm… lesson learned. Don’t try to blag (blag means that you’re pretending to be an expert when you are not) your way through book writing. You’ve got to know what you are talking about or chances are folks will pick up on your shortcomings and book reviews will be poor. I didn’t outsource the writing – I did it all myself. It was hard labour. Hard labour, yes. But it’s not really my passion, and the couple of book reviews I’ve received thus far tend to reflect that.

And yes, I regard myself as a vegetarian, although I now learn that perhaps I am no longer regarded as vegetarian because I eat fish – I’m clinically termed as a pescotarian or something… But I am certainly not confined to a gluten-free diet, which would be close to impossible here in the Philippines, I imagine.

Who should really care though – pescotarian, vegetarian, octogenarian… If I buy a book and I enjoy reading it, I’m hardly going to critice the author for a single and relatively small oversight. People can be so harsh…


Nevertheless, regardless my persistent failures, I still persevere with Amazon Kindle publishing – for better or for worse. For richer or for poorer.

Maybe I’m banging my head on the proverbial brick wall and yet I don’t yet perceive it as such. I think in the English language, that’s termed as being a “dumb-ass”.


I’ve written a further five books specifically for Kindle over the past couple of weeks (again, writing is my passion, so it makes good sense to pursue it, regardless of what Dane Maxwell says). Short books, yes (when I say short, I mean anything between a 1,200 word count and 3,200 word count for each book).

None of which have been published as of yet.

Whether they will be successful is anyone’s guess, although I surely do have my doubts about it, I have to admit.

But… I did have fun putting the storylines together, and I surely do hope that comes across to the potential readers. (Is the word putting spelled with one ‘t’ or two?).

Not only that – I’ve also invested in some really excellent illustrative work for these particular books, and I’m hoping that this will help to get folks to dig in their pockets to find some cents to make a purchase.

There’s definitely no guarantee for success though. If your books are not exactly what folks are looking for, no matter how hard you try, you will not find much success on Kindle. That’s my experience anyhow.

Let me know what you think, thank you!

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46 thoughts on “Can You Make a Ton of Money From Amazon Kindle Publishing?”

  1. How’s your cat Jo?

    Well, yeah I’ve seen some success on kindle publishing. I have a book for $9.97 doing pretty good but Amazon refused to approve it for their KDP select so it sold on its own – no advert, nothing done about it.

    The books i spent time working on, trying to rank well and used the KDP select refused to fly like the’ordinary book’.

    Truly, no formular for success when it comes to kindle publishing but I’ve seen some black hat marketing method (dunno if i’ll check em out though)

    Missed reading from you man and take good care of you.


  2. Hi Sheyi, I don’t know how my cat is because the girl I gave her to no longer keeps in touch. How SAD is that!! I surely do miss the little ball of fur though – miss, miss, miss! Thanks for asking!

    I sold 10 units on Kindle last night, so heck, suddenly things are getting that much more exciting! Really, all I want to do is to figure out the how to, then I can maintain some sort of system in future. As I mentioned, I’ve five more books to be launched over the next month – all are written, they just need illustrations and formatting.

    Good to hear you are seeing success – and with a $9.97 book too. That’s excellent! Did Amazon refuse it for KDP because it’s been published elsewhere, or what?

    Yeah, the guys I mentioned in the post are almost all about black hat sort of stuff. Backlinking to your book pages and all sorts of weird and wonderful methods. I’d prefer to try to figure out a “system” which is purely about Amazon Kindle and not all this silliness to do with getting tons of backlinks to your book pages. Can’t help but feel that if you do that you are in danger of another Google algo type of thing going on and Amazon will soon cotton-on to what’s going on. Anyhow, if your books are not so good, you’ll still struggle to sell regardless you use black hat, or so I think anyhow.

    Regards missing me writing blog posts. Yeah, well, once I figured out that my new venture was going to be a real struggle (the cooking site that is) I figured I best try to make money another way and I chose those two recipe books, which are not exactly flying off the shelves but I can’t complain much either – they are selling, after all. But now I’m changing to a new niche, which is actually a whole lot more fun than writing recipe books (that’s really boring!). So at the moment, I’m all about writing books because I’m absolutely focused on gaining some success here. I mean, if you can make a living on Kindle, then that could be the recipe for huge success over the years to come, right?

    All the best to you Sheyi!


  3. I wouldn’t know the reason why Amazon refused the book for KDP select. They only told me the book does not meet standard… Sounds funny. It could have been the title who knows?

    Did you sell 10 copies of the recipe books? IF yes, you can try dominate a niche by publishing more – I wish I know the secret of making endless $$$ on kindle – but as usual, Amazon suffersus. They won’t let us see demographics.

    We dont know the age, location, etc of buyers. Those guys doing the black hat method, at times I do not blame them (they have short attention method though, make money now and get amazon axe soonest).

    Wish you all the best as well in this 2013 and to more books on kindle, more profitable blogs etc etc etc.

    Hope you’re enjoying Philippines? Did you contact Chris Duker? I asked him to write you.

  4. That sounds very strange about why they never allowed you to place your book on KDP, Sheyi. Ah well, you’re still making sales without the help of KDP.

    Yes, 10 copies of the recipe books. I was intent on publishing more but I don’t know what to write about. I’m a vegetarian so it’s somewhat more limited than otherwise.

    I’m going to start focusing on a new niche because the scope in that niche is so much wider than cookery. It’s fiction actually, so it’s only limited by my own imagination.

    TBH I was tempted to do black hat also. I mean, how do you get your books seen on Amazon if they are not already fairly popular? But I’ve decided to see if using KDP is going to be enough. I figure that with 18 books in the same or very closely-related niches, you’d have enough to have one book always on the KDP free day, which is probably enough to get the attention of quite a lot of folks. Obviously if they like your stuff, they’ll buy more from you, thereby pushing your books up and up. In which case there’s no requirement for any black-hat stuff. Of course, it would probably not be possible to write 18 books in all categories, so my thinking is somewhat limited there.

    Oh, you suggested to Chris to get in touch, did you? He never said so, oddly enough. Yes, we spent an afternoon together and had a really good chat about various stuff. Not got any plans to work together though, but who knows, maybe in future…

    All the best Sheyi!


  5. Yeah I did on facebook. Well writing 18 books yourself in a closely related niche could be a pain in the back…. Anyways, you can outsource (depends on the niche)

    Funny thing is this, I’ve not been able to write any of my books myself. I prefer to write blog posts and check out and read stuffs online – I’d rather gather materials and ask my VA to complete it for me.

    The thing I’m going to do now is publish a book in a niche I just discovered, use it to build a list and if it works, maybe sell to the list off kindle sometimes…..

    Some company should rival Amazon and provide us with demographics that Amazon refused to provide for authors.

    You can as well use press release for any of your book as well and always remember to collate them together… I mean put link to other books in each of the book (dunno if you understand my African English).

    You should should invite me down to Philippines so I can come drink some cups of water (or beer – make sure my pastor does not see this).

    Or you can JV with a known author in the fiction niche who knows it could work.

    Looking for someone who can write a good fiction for me as well. Got a big idea of a fiction book but no time in my sleeves to write moreover my writing ain’t ‘fictionized’ means I’m not good at writing fiction.

  6. Writing 18 books myself – I’m a writer, or so I like to think so Sheyi, so 18 books is okay. Plus, in this case it’s fiction and it’s probably best to write my own stuff. If non-fiction then it’s cool to outsource. Mind you, I did hear about some successful fiction writers outsourcing for ideas and a skeleton story line for their books. Then all they have to do is develop the basics a bit and they then go on to make a good few thousand bucks for just a few days work.

    Actually, I saw your comment on another IM blog about you building a list :-) It surely does seem to be a very plausible scenario. As I detailed in the blog post, over a 48 hour period I had almost 5,400 downloads on one of my cooking books. Now imagine you’ve got a “chain” of 18 or so books in the same or related niches and you had these sort of download numbers on your freebie KDP days. That’s a very solid grounding to be building a nicely sizeable list in a fairly short space of time!

    Yeah, I like the idea of press releases too. Could work really well, though it’s not something I’ve tried as of yet.

    Invite you to the Phils? Yes of course, you are welcome to come any time. I’ve got a little baby boy on the way though so you’d have to put up with my girlfriends “swings”, and my stressing that I’m not making enough to pay for all the bills :-) We don’t drink tea here. But the local coffee is good, and the beer is very cheap.

    I totally understand your lacking the ability of “fictionized”. When I started writing fiction it was a bit of a mess. But over time you tend to develop your abilities. I’m surely no expert at getting the apostrophes in the right places and such however, but I do find writing fiction to be a lot more fun than writing non-fiction.

  7. That means I should start writing maybe I’ll be groomed to a good fiction writer some days. The thing is this, I read a lot of fiction – I just like to read lot of them and most of the time, I wish the author has written it in another way. I try to correct but will realize I’m talking to myself.

    The issue of building list is the main thing I see me working on now. I’ve started a new blog and I will be closing comments on the blog. I’d rather love it when people put their email and subscribe than comment.

    Then comes with the issue of blog marketing. I’ve seen so many blogs talk about it but yet to see a good product or blog post that details how to get it done – though as someone who’s in the trade for quite a while, I’ve figured how ways to get this done. Let me try and see if it will work.

    Oh about your gf, never mind. I guess I know how to cope with people regardless of their situation :)

    That should be on Sunil’s blog where you saw my comment right? He wants me to pour out everything guess I’ll write a guest post for him and yes, Amazon will be paying me again. Just got some message from them now… feels good to be a write.

    You sure can write 18 short books. No matter how it looks to me, as long as its the issue of writing, I sure know i can get well over it.

    Guys reading this, hope Jo and I have not turned this to a fam thing?

    He’s just a guy I always love to read from and learn from as well.

  8. Great job with the books, Joe — and you’re right, 160 pounds is nice and thin for tall people like us.

    Anyway, I also believe in following my passion no matter what other IM experts may say, although I should check out their rationale again.

    I’ve made more than $1,000 in Kindle book royalties (I’ve published one book under my own name and three under pen names thus far) and plan to publish a lot more because it is fun work.

    I first published in 2011 and then kind of got distracted with other venues and now I’m back. I think writing more about your *complicated* details of your moves around the world would make for an interesting memoir.

    Oh yes, and I’m checking out the Kindle Serials program because of the visibility it provides authors. Happy day to you…

  9. Hey Sheyi, I just completed my first book in the new market/niche/whatever… and found that when I tried to price the book at a whopping 99 cents, I couldn’t. The lowest I could get it was $1.99. This then had a knock-on effect to my desire to publish on the freebie KDP – I couldn’t. Obviously I was perplexed so I contacted Kindle and this is what they had to say…

    Certain file size and pricing requirements must be followed in order for books to be accepted and published using KDP.

    Digital books with a file size greater than 3 megabytes and up to 10 megabytes must have a list price of at least $1.99 (or 1.25 GBP and 1.73 EUR), and digital books with a file size greater than 10 megabytes must have a list price of at least $2.99 (or 1.49 GBP and 2.60 EUR).

    Titles that don’t meet this criteria will be made unavailable for sale on our web site; this also applies to already existing titles.

    For more information, please review our pricing policy in the Terms & Conditions found here:

    I was thinking that perhaps that’s the problem your facing with your book, although maybe I’m wrong about that.

    Sounds like you ought to give fiction writing a shot.

    I’d also do what you are intent on doing – aiming to build a list from my Kindle publishing work, but I’ve yet to come up with a decent-enough seller. There’s been a number of times when I’ve built the website, got the list stuff all set up, built the Facebook page, the Twitter account, only to see that I never get nearly enough interest in my site or through my books. Probably it’s wise to do it the other way around – forget about building the site etc. until you begin to see some healthy traction with your books. Even with that recipe book that shifted almost 5.5k within 48 hours on the freebie, there was not so many folks who actually dived over to my website. But then, I didn’t incentivise it…

    Not on Sunil’s blog. Can’t remember the name of the guy who has the blog where I saw your comment right at the top.

  10. Hi Paula, thanks! Oh, I’ve cut down on some of my “bad things” Paula, and was sick for a bit, so the weight started to shift from around my mid-riff. Ever since I came to live in S E Asia almost 4 years ago, the pounds went on and just got stuck there. Think I’ve dropped about 25 pounds in the last couple months, without really trying to.

    Yeah – I’m a “passion” guy too. I understand Dane Maxwell’s reasoning, but I’m not sure if it’s entirely correct for everyone.

    You’re doing pretty well with the Kindle stuff Paula – good going!

    With regards to writing about my life’s “events” over the previous few years. I’d worry it was going to flop, and that would be too personal for comfort. I mean, for sure, my first attempt at Kindle publishing was in essence a failure, but I can shrug that off fairly easily because it was not personal to me, if you see what I mean. If I get famous writing Kindle stuff, then I’ll do a book about myself :-)

    All the best to you too Paula!


  11. Hey Joseph,

    Thanks for the mention man. I’m glad that I come across as one of the “good guys” – despite some of what a few negative reviews have said :-(

    I agree that Kindle is not always a guaranteed thing. I’m trying to repeat some of what I’ve done in a 2nd niche. So far, it has been pretty brutal. I guess it shows that you need that right combination of authority, a good niche, decent marketing, and a bit of luck.

    Anyway, feel free to pick my brain whenever you need. I’ve been “geeking out” on the whole Kindle thing lately.

  12. Hi Steve, well yeah, I checked some of your books on Kindle recently and see your sales rankings are very healthy indeed so regardless you’ve received a few negative reviews and it’s kinda brutal going of recent, you’re defo getting something right!!

    One down-side about this Kindle thing is that folks are seemingly very “happy” to provide negative (and potentially hurtful) reviews. Another bad thing is that they can get a refund on a 99 cents book, which seems ridiculous.

    Wishing you the very best with the new niche, and thanks a lot for your offer to allow me to pick your geeky Kindle brain! :-) I may well take you up on that offer.

  13. Jo,
    I completely agree with your reasoning. If you really had a system for making money with Kindle books (or anything for that matter) why would you sell your system? It sounds like most people are just good at selling a product and if they are successful at selling makes what they written seem more credible.

  14. Hi David, there are a few ex- internet marketers who very occasionally offer up a Kindle publishing course, but it’s not because they need the money, it’s because they are intent on helping others who are struggling with the online publishing game. A guy called Geoff Shaw comes to mind. I purchased into his publishing forum about 9 months ago and the info on there was really very good indeed. Plus, you could tell that the dude was making a whole lotta mullah from publishing on Kindle, so even if he did make $10k from selling memberships to his forum, that $10k may be less than his monthly income from Kindle.

    The thing I really don’t like is when you get emailed twice a day by marketers who are trying to sell you a different system on Kindle publishing in every single email they send out. That’s hideous! Those two guys I mentioned in the post do exactly that. I know that John Jonas is or was a prolific marketer but this is just too much.

  15. Its either steve Scott or Sunil – dunno if I did comment somewhere else though.

    Was looking for a reply box in the comments section here but could not find any.

    Those guys you mentioned at first might be easier to roll with. What do we take of Ryan Deiss who sold a membership product around $997 or so on kindle publishing.

    This guy used black hat method which I can defend anywhere and only has little information but he sold the system… Now, there is no confirmation or anything to prove that he makes $50k yearly from kindle publishing…

    One thing I noticed in this IM game is this, newbies like it when those so called gooroos hype the game up for them and ask them to buy some crappy materials…. It’s just too damn painful when I see some sales page – too many numerous WSOs

    I thought of writing a paid ebook on kindle publishing but I was looking at how my headline will affect sales… something like

    $3, 000 Per Month (Consistent) Kindle Publisher reveals his secrets… funny thing is they won’t buy but I tell you, its gonna be worth much more than those hyped higher priced products.

    Well, before I write anything fiction, I will surely dominate that niche… I’ll be doing a triplet release. 3 books. closely related. same niche. attached together.

    About my kdp select, they didn’t tell me the problem. They only said the book does not qualify!

  16. Sheyi, it wasn’t on Stevie Scott’s blog either – I’d remember if it were, for sure. Sean Ogle ring any bells? I think it may be his blog, but don’t quote me.

    I agree – the noobs seem to respond far better when a gooroo comes up with some crappy product and hypes it up big time. I used to fall for that one too though, so I can’t say bad about the average noobee.

    I would say that if you had a headline like the one you mentioned – $3k per month… you’d do well. Shuckabuck (Eric Lass) has made quite a lot of sales of his eBook and I believe his headline was something along the lines of “$1.4k per month on Kindle with 4 books published”. That headline may not attract lots of noobs, but it would attract those folks that have been at the IM game a bit longer.
    You gotta also remember that a lot of folks who have been involved with Google SEO are now looking for new markets to get the hang of. You’ll attract those sort of guys and gals too.

    Good luck with the “niche domination” :-)

    Yeah, they never told me what the problem with my book was either. I shot the helpdesk an email and that’s when they gave me the facts about file size, which I was not aware of. Gotta say – Kindle has one of the very best support systems that I know of. Fast and straight to the point.

  17. Yeah Sean Ogle rings a bell (or too many bells) :)

    I read lot of blog you know, lot of them. I lost my old blog due to some days I was traveling and got hooked up in a nearby country. I could not renew my domain and my hosting company told me they are on it – it sucks using local company for IM business here.

    Yeah, the headline should work wonders. One thing I need do now is to add enough stuffs that will prove my point. But come to think of it, if I make such amount monthly, do you think its necessary for me to create a pdf to make money or give it out free?

    Then the problem is this, 90% of people that gets free pdf don’t use the ideas in it or rather they don’t read it.

    Yeah Google is a baddass master. Drives you nut if you are too religious to em commands and makes you swear never to follow em again if you got hit!

    All those SEO guys are looking for other ways to drive traffic (which they won’t see so fast) and while waiting for that, they wanna earn more money from other sides online.

    Let’s see how it plays and I’ll surely update you. But the problem i can see here is that I do not have an IM list…. well i guess it should not be a problem

  18. Think it was Sean Ogle’s blog then Sheyi.

    I never knew about that happening to your blog. Sorry to hear about it – what a mess!

    The way I see it… if you are making $3k per month now and you have a good understanding as to why :-) then surely you can go on and make a whole lot more on Kindle. I mean, for me, I’m dreaming of the day I can spend my time in my nipa hut either on a Filipino beach or a Malaysian beach, simply writing out books for publication on Kindle. Then a couple days a week I’ll go online to communicate with my outsourcing folks :-) It’s a dream but I sense it’s obtainable.

    On the other hand, if you have a legit business to sell off the back of Kindle publishing – perhaps you are intent on a membership site or on training folks how to publish on Kindle one-on-one, then offer the PDF as a freebie. Obviously you’ll get more parties downloading it than if it were a “priced” product.

    If you don’t have an IM list, why not consider a solo ad? Those things can work wonders if you’re hitting on a responsive list. One place you can find out about the solo ad thing is via Kim Roach’s blog. I’ve never ventured into doing that, but she’s very much a proponent of the method and she’s got some excellent looking stats to vouch for it too.

  19. You’re right about Kim. She’s a ninja when it comes to the onlien game and she does not make too much noise about it unlike those gooroos making $130 but claiming $135k

    My fear about kindle is this, the same thing I did for book A and it sold I did same for book B but it refused to sell. So its kind of a situation where I’m in the middle.

    I sincerely can’t say this is the main secret to kindle publishing. Maybe I should just write my own case study and sell it. Not putting people’s mind up like they buy my product and make gazilions on kindle publishing.

    Yeah, you should be able to hire people to write for you and also write yourself. Once I’m in phils (dunno when yet – though depends on how fast I get an invite :) ) I guess that is what I will dwell on.

    I also love speaking to crowd and presenting lectures / seminars. I’ll so much love it if I’ll be able to do that there…

    So I’ll leave it at case study. But one thing i will continue doing now is read, write, read and write more.

    There is a short way (not too blackish) that I use in writing my kindle books. I guess I will put that down in the case study.

    I should get down to start writing a new book now and start with it. Will upload it on 3 days time and after 15 days, will probably release the case study alongside how the book did on kindle.

    Its Monday morning here, gotta go get the daily news paper and read – the government as usual embezzling our money but this is one of the best country to be in the world – free world!

    My country, Nigeria won the African cup of Nations last night so every one is super stoked and we’re celebrating… but I could not drink no (****) but took lot of water though.

  20. Yeah, apparently Kim learned most of her “stuff” from a guy called Lee Macyntyre, and Lee makes way more than Kim does in terms of income. Lee’s from my neck of the woods, interestingly enough.

    With regards to Kindle publishing, I note that some successful folks use all and sundry regards to getting attention to their books on Amazon, hence they make more sales that way. Meaning they blog about their books, they use CreateSpace, they use Listmania, they podcast about it, and gawd only knows what else. Where others merely rely on Kindle itself.

    Now… seems to me that if you can come up with a formula whereby you use Kindle alone to get your books popular then that’s a far better way to proceed. After all, you could spend weeks and weeks promoting each book that you write if you go the former route, but if you go the latter route and achieve similar results then you’re going to be spending much more time churning out good content and publishing it.

    I mean, why not just focus on Kindle since there’s like a gazillion folks who visit Kindle books section each and every month.

    For me, I prefer to write my own content. But I’d hire out illustrations work and any other techie stuff involved. I’ll stick to what I’m reasonably good at.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do, Sheyi. Oh and congratz to your team for winning the African Cup of Nations!

  21. Surely, Lee Macyntyre makes more money than Kim does but Kim still rocks. I first heard about her on warrior forum – became a reader of her blog then till sometimes. I just seems not to find out time to check her blog any longer.

    Lee’s from your neck of the woods?

    Well, since I use kindle alone, I’ll write the case study on that but this new book. I’ll be checking out some other means as well – whcih if they work will surely put them in the case study and if not, still put them in it.

    There are some kindle clubs, you submit your book to them and tell them the particular date you’ll be making it available for free download on kindle. They send the book together with others on that date to their subscribers and that can increase free DL rate. I’ve not used them before but will probably try it out in this case study.

    My first fiction is ready (outsourced the stody line) and its in the romance category. The banner should be ready any time soon and will be uploading to kindle. I just thought of building a list of readers through that as well.

    It should not be in the money niches alone that one should build readers you know? Some people are bent on reading anything fiction and if you write well, will surely buy from you always!

  22. Yeah, Lee’s from northern England, and I’m from southern Scotland – about 150km difference. It’s about my only claim to fame to date :-)

    You’ve written a romance story? How interesting. Which country is it set within? When it goes live, send me the Kindle link and the least I can do is provide you with a “Like”.

    Regards to writing fiction and not merely non-fiction – for me personally, I prefer writing fiction because it’s much more “creative”. That’s not to say I’m good at it, mind you :-)

  23. I did not complete the book myself. I sketched the story for a local writer and he did justice to the writing. Its kinda fair and I’m scared a bit to release it to the world for sales.

    Well, no matter how it did in the kindle market, I’m still proud of myself though.

    Checked the top 20 books and just a marketing book was No19. The rest are fictions. Seems the reign of fiction books over others will not stop in the next few weeks (or months).

    I’m selling in all countries but regardless of where you are, you should be able to buy it (or like it).

  24. Regards buying or Liking stuff from/on Kindle – I did have some issues with that previously when I tried to help out some fellow IM friends by buying some books, but my efforts failed. I asked Kindle support and they told me that it was because the book’s author had not made the book available to all territories. Well, that in fact was incorrect because the book’s author had indeed done so. As far as I’m aware, the only way I can purchase books from Kindle is by going via my Amazon UK linked account. I can’t purchase otherwise because I reside within Asia. Means Amazon are missing out on a potentially huge market.

    Yes, the top books on Kindle are almost always dominated by fiction. I think that’s where the biggest money is at, really.

  25. Amazon sucks when it comes to the issue of kindle books. I wonder why they refuse to allow people from other countries to buy. Maybe they need some paper works before they do so.

    The tax I was charged was too outrageous. They said each countries’ earnings must be 100 before they can pay me for the specific country. Imagine, having 100 euro, 100 of other countries sales as well – it just sucks.

    I’ve tried to email them times without number but they won’t take to advice.

  26. Sheyi, I have to agree with you in that Amazon should “allow” folks from other nations than the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, to purchase books from Kindle. I mean, why not? Perhaps they’re concerned that it will take a lot of investment with little return…

    What tax were you charged? I’ve never been charged any tax when being paid through Amazon affiliation so I’m interested to find out what tax you have to bare.

    I’ve just completed another book for Kindle publication, so I’m fairly content with myself :-)

  27. Of course I was charged $47 the first time they prepared my $117 cheque – royalty payment for my book sales. I had made sales in other countries as well but not as much as 100 for each country and I was told I have to make sure 100 currency comes from those countries before they send me the cheque for each country. sucks big time. Yeah, checking your book now and you’ll surely get a like from me – that’s so real.

    Expecting my next payment in March and this time around, a little bit of money hope they won’t charge me tax too much – I live in a third world country so a times, I hardly complain about what’s been metted to me there online.

  28. The way I see it, third world country citizens should be paying less taxes. I mean, that’s all wrong. You guys and gals are generally the ones that are struggling the most. Amazon should be cutting you a break.

  29. Considering the fact that the $117 amoutned to thousands of naira in my local currency… N18, 000 + so I guess I wont complain for now and let them have their way.

    Do you mean amazon do not charge you any tax for book royalty payment?

  30. But surely they are already taking a big chunk of our income what with the commissions already in place. I know it can cost them money to actually send money to your bank account, but surely it’s not nearly as much as $47. Perhaps you ought to try to set up a bank account in the US. I’m not sure how difficult that actually is though.

  31. My gf is not white (she’s kinda cocoa colour – dirty brown, if you will :-) and yet very beautiful) and she’s entirely useless with regards to helping me out with my online business :-)

    Sales dropped a bit but still around 4 to 5 per day just on the two books. Not so bad, and plenty enough to keep me motivated.

    And you know why, Sheyi? Because all I’ve done is to write the books and then managed to upload the things relatively successfully onto Kindle. I don’t have to worry about getting social media traffic. I don’t have to worry about ranking webpages in that pain in the butt Google. I don’t have to worry about writing articles for ezines in order to attract people to my books. It’s all down to Amazon and that seems to be plenty enough.

  32. As long as she’s beautiful and good at home, then she’s good to go – hope she does allow you work as much as you wish online?

    Seeing sales consistently daily is good. Mine reduced to 5 sales daily on my books on average but I’m loving it though.

    Still skeptical about the fiction – but fingers crossed. Let’s see how it will fly or sleep on kindle.

    I’m still dreaming of coming down to Phils… how are their ladies there? Good looking or???

  33. She allows me to work online as much as I like because I’m the one who’s paying all the bills.

    It’s worth giving fiction a go. You just never know…

    Filipino ladies very attractive, no doubting it.

  34. Hey Jo, I remember I made a comment in one of your first posts about Kindle publishing. I was telling before that my goal was to published a fiction book by the end of 2012. I have about 11 kindle books now, two of which I wrote (kiddie books) and the rest were written by other people. I am now making $800 to $1000, not bad for a beginner like me. I started this kindle thing on August last year.

  35. Serge, are you in the fiction niche? It pays to publish on kindle and make much money .

    Jo, glad to hear that. I’ve got some deep African story (I plan producing it into movie come some day) I guess I’ll finish up the script and publish on kindle first. My designer is almost done with the re-work of the banner.

    Once its all done and set, will let y’all know.

  36. Sheyi, I outsource nonfiction books. I was the only one writing fiction for kids. I am making more money from nonfiction right now. I think for fiction you need to have more books out for better sales. I have two more books coming up that Ive written. I think we can agree that it all comes down to writing a good book, good cover design, good reviews, blurb, marketing, good editing (I outsource this because English is only my third language, same with my other writers), etc. What I like about this self publishing thing is that it is one of the most passive sources of income that I came to discover…

  37. You’re right Serge about editing et all. Same here too. English is my second language but I try as much as possible to do get the best editing for all my books. Well actually, the fiction side is just to write it and not to make a million bucks from it – its passive you know when after spending a few dollars, money keeps coming in on a daily basis.

    What marketing do you use on your books?

  38. The topic of Kindle books is quite hot right now. I’ve been asked so many times to do a product training how to get the books to sell… but I think it wouldn’t do too good.

    The chapters would sound like this… work your ass off, publish as much as possible, test different freebie methods (numbers of days/which week/ which day), observe your rankings & the competition, split test covers, split test book descriptions, join author central… different methods of automatically getting book reviews… finding sites that will promote your books for free (create a system and outsource it). ..

    I have been focusing on this part time with a staff of 3 (doing it full time) and there are now 350+ of my books selling on the Kindle. Many lessons learned…. a bit crazy when I think back on it… and not making anywhere close to a million.

    Its something that I could talk about for hours but I did see most of the Kindle products out there and I’m not really sure how to comment on them without being mean… lol

    You’re off to a good start but I will share this.

    When you have a book that’s being downloaded like crazy… anything past 1,500 freebies in a day or two… make sure to lower the price to .99 cents right after the promotion. The price will (usually) help sell more copies and get you ranking in the top 10,000-20,000. That’s when you price it back to normal and rake in as much as you can. When the sales start to slip… freebie, price lowering and same as before.

    This should only be done to the better books. At that point once I see a bestseller… start the split testing.



  39. Good points made Tom, thanks for sharing!

    I like the one about the “drop the price to 99 cents straight after the freebie give-away”, which is something I did not do with either of my cooking books. Mind you, the sales straight after those freebies were not at all bad. But worth trying your way all the same, particularly now the sales for both those books are dropping off almost entirely.

    I’ve other books written up but I need to outsource some of the work for them. That, I’m finding to be a bind because it’s costly and it’s painfully slow, so holding back publication. Frustrating yes! However, going on the current figures, there’s definitely lots of scope for this Kindle stuff. As you say, you gotta experiment and see what works better/best-ish in different niches.


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