Fun in the Philippines and Update on Unique Article Wizard Project


Beautiful Filipino Beaches 300x199 Fun in the Philippines and Update on Unique Article Wizard ProjectIn this post, I’d like to share a little bit with respect to some of the experiences I have here in the Philippines. If you prefer to forgo that, then feel free to skip on down the page a bit – past the images – to the SEO stuff.


Last night, I attended a local fiesta in the town of Minglanilla, which is kind of like a suburb to the city of Cebu – the second Filipino city to Manila. I’ve had some experiences in Cebu City, I can tell you, but that perhaps is for another day…

Hmmm… the drinking throughout the night was rife, and trouble broke out just prior to when I was about to leave with my child and my partner. Fortunately, I was not involved, but I was warned that because I was the only white skin in the vicinity, if I stayed for much longer, and as people drank more, I could find myself as a target for ‘reprisal’.

Reprisal? Is it not so that if it were not for the US then the Philippines would have fallen under Japanese control during the Second World War? After all, if you have white skin, and you reside in the Philippines, then you are regarded as an American, even if you are not. “Hey Joe” is the common greeting here for us white skins. Joe as in “GI Joe”. Well, in my case, that’s applicable in one way – they got my name right!

Anyhow, the food was very good – I enjoyed a huge plate (not actually a plate – the food is served up on a banana leaf) of BBQ fish and salad, and the beer is always good (and plentiful), providing you can control the flow of it passing through your lips and down your throat. And sometimes, I can’t if I’m honest about it. After all, I sit for long hours pretty much every day of the week, slogging at the computer. I do need to have a ‘chill-out’ session fairly regularly, and that’s when the beer flows somewhat rigorously.

And the music… boy, I don’t think I’ve heard music being played as loudly as it was at the fiesta. It reminded me of the recent earthquake we had here in the Cebu area – the ground was shaking fairly violently due to the vibration from the speakers.

There’s one thing about Filipinos – they don’t do anything quietly!!


One of the upsides to visiting a local village here in the Philippines is that you become something of an attraction – not only to the kids, but also to the young ladies (if you are a guy, that is, although there are plenty of girls here who ‘bat for the other side’). Don’t tell my partner I said so. But it’s very true! The girls tend to stare longingly at you. You do get used to it, but it takes a while smiley tongue out Fun in the Philippines and Update on Unique Article Wizard Project

Here are a few pics I snapped up last night…

Filipino Kids Surrounding the GI Joseph Fun in the Philippines and Update on Unique Article Wizard Project

 Filipino Kids with GI Joseph

 The GI Joseph Cool Look Fun in the Philippines and Update on Unique Article Wizard Project

GI Joseph Having a Beer at the Fiesta

Josiah at the Minglanilla Fiesta January 2014 Fun in the Philippines and Update on Unique Article Wizard Project

My Son – Josiah



Now, back to business. The Unique Article Wizard project…

Fact is, to rank in Google or in Yahoo, or in Bing, or in any search engine, is going to take some going with respect to the niche I’ve chosen. I made a mistake when I first set out on this project and that was that I neglected to do much in the way of keyword research.

Well, yes Joseph, you’re supposed to be an SEO expert, so how the heck can you forgo keyword research?

Oh well, never mind. Although I’m achieving little success in terms of rankings, the few rankings I have managed to obtain are for long tail stuff. And that’s where the money’s at as far as I’m concerned.

So, that said, what I really should be doing is creating lots of content and slapping that on the website so as to grab the rankings via the long-tail.

Problem being, I’m severely lacking time to do so. And when I do have time, I prefer to relax and watch a video or something akin to this. I don’t regard crafting articles based on mobile/ cellular phone technology to be particularly interesting and I’m fairly sure that most of you feel the same way – if you’ve ever tried.

So there’s the main issue – content creation is going to be slow. And the fact is, even though I have UAW targeting my main keyword phrases on the site, it could take months before they see the light of day because the niche competition is mighty strong.

So lesson number 1: do your keyword research prior to venturing into a new project like this.

Another thing I’m finding difficult is to create regular fresh content for UAW. It’s very time-consuming, and it’s also mentally draining. I can spend 3 hours writing a single spun article just so that it passes through the UAW quality control. And that process is no fun at all. It’s a total yawn!

As such, I have merely a couple of articles in UAW and that will have to suffice for now. Those two articles are enough for me to be able to target about 12 different keyword phrases, providing I occasionally change the links and keyword choices in the resource boxes.

Nevertheless, I would prefer to be writing fresh content for UAW, at least sometimes, but I spend most days writing a ton of content, and my appetite for writing more is pretty lame.

Lesson number 2: if you don’t like spinning content, or you prefer not to outsource it (and I advise against that because it’s very difficult to achieve the level of uniqueness that’s required for UAW submissions) then don’t use UAW’s article submission service.


Where do I go from here?

Yeah, well, I’ve decided to keep UAW going for at least a further month, and probably longer than that. I sense that the benefits of using it will come through soon, as was the case with my other sites whereby I used the article submission service on UAW to improve the webpage/ keyword rankings for those. In this case, I believe that patience is most certainly a virtue.

Nevertheless, it’s well worth bearing in mind that the cost of using UAW is rather high in terms of financing it. I mean, 99 bucks per month… That’s almost enough to pay half a month’s rent here in the Philippines for a decent-sized and fully-furnished apartment.

Mind you, my eBay affiliate income covers the cost of UAW well and truly, and if it were not for using UAW on those websites, I’d no doubt be making less than I currently am as an affiliate of eBay.  Thus, in that sense, my own investment into UAW is justified, for now…

Signing out,

GI Joseph

Joseph Archibald Interview With Eric Gati

Joseph and Josiah 225x300 Joseph Archibald Interview With Eric GatiJoseph Archibald Interview With Eric Gati


The image to the left is of me and my 7-month-old son, Josiah. Do you see any resemblance?

I was recently invited to do an interview with Eric Gati, a fellow internet marketer who has gained a high level of success with respect to his online business ventures. Eric is intent on pursuing a long series of interviews with people who have a presence in the online world.

The interview is by way of written word as opposed to podcast (or whatever…). If you are interested, why not pop over to Eric’s blog and catch up on that…


Next update on Unique Article Wizard proceedings and life in the Philippines coming very shortly!



How to Use Unique Article Wizard Pro – Video

How to Use Unique Article Wizard Pro – Video

Here is a thoroughly professional (NOT) video presentation about how to utilize UAW. This is the way that I submit my articles, although I’m not necessarily saying that this is the optimal method for you. Nevertheless, I’ve found it to be fairly efficient overall.

Link to the UAW service

Other articles in this UAW series…

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Does Unique Article Wizard Still Work? UAW FAQ’s

Does Unique Article Wizard Still Work? UAW FAQ’s


I thought that I would put together a compendium of some of the more ‘pertinent’ frequently asked questions with respect to UAW to help you if you have any questions regards the use of this service as it stands now in the PRO version.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Unique Article Wizard and I’ll do my best to provide you with an answer.


  • Can you write articles in a language other than English?

Afraid not, no.


  • Can your resource box links be in any language other than English?

Again, no. However, you can link to non-English language webpages, but you do have to use English language hypertext, either within your UAW submitted resources box, or within the UAW article body.


  • How unique do my articles have to be from one another in order to be accepted?

Apparently, that’s 40% and quality control is pretty stiff on this point with UAW Pro. You can use a free service such as to assess the uniqueness between each of your articles prior to submission.


  • How much does the UAW Pro service cost each month?

$99 at the time of writing.


  • What is the recommended amount of UAW submissions each day if my website is new?

Good question. In my recent experience, I would recommend no more than 6 UAW submissions per day to begin with. You can raise that number of submissions upwards at a later date.


  • What is the minimum article length in terms of words that will be accepted?

300 words. However, I’d recommend a minimum of 400 words so that your article is accepted at more points of submission. Furthermore, you should include at least 5 paragraphs.


  • If I focus on pornography as my main theme, can I use UAW to link to my website/s?

No. Unfortunately, like almost all backlinking services that are commonly available, you cannot link to subject matter such as pornography, gambling, drug-related, or crime-related. Honestly, I don’t understand why not, but there you go – in some regards, we still live in a very antiquated society. However, with respect to drugs, you can link back to drug-related content if it is of ‘supposed’ medicinal value.


  • Can I add video or images to my articles?

Yes, providing that it is either non-copyrighted material, or the copyright is entirely under your own name. One video or image per article is fine.


  • Can I add text links within the article itself?

Yes, providing that the text of the link flows well within the body of the article.


  • How many text links can I add either within the resource box or within the body of the article?

2 links to any single domain.

If you wish to invest in UAW Pro, you can do so through this link here, which is affiliated, thanks…

Unique Article Wizard Pro

Other articles in this UAW series…


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How to Use UAW Article Submission Service Video

Unique Article Wizard Project – Post 4

Fireworks in the Philippines 300x200 Unique Article Wizard Project   Post 4



This is one of the photos I managed to ‘land’ last night. I had plenty of opportunities for more, but most of them are a mere blur – a bit like my head is this morning, due to the mix of beer and local Filipino moonshine that was very much the theme for the full night.

I’m still suffering with a slight hangover as I write this post (so forgive the wobbly wordage), but it was a very good night all-round up on the Philippines version of “Walton’s Mountain” i.e. incredibly backwards!! There’s no running water to speak of – you have to climb to the top of the hill where, apparently, there’s a fresh water well. Then you fill your buckets and carry those buckets back to your ‘humblest’ of abodes by balancing them on a pole that you place over your shoulders.

And by humblest of abodes I mean… very often these folks live in wooden huts with their HUGE families all huddled together into two or three rooms. They happily sleep in the kitchen, the dining room, on the darn roof of all places…

Now, this is merely the start of how backwards it is up there on “Walton’s Mountain”, but that’s enough to give you a bit of insight.

Well, okay, let me indulge you a little more….

At the bottom of Walton’s Mountain el Filipino, there’s a small river, okay? In that small river, you will see countless numbers of families all washing together, as in bathing their bodies. Plus, that’s where they also wash their dishes and their cutlery. I mean, damn – if you want the most backwards and simplistic life possible, then please, book your next flight to Cebu, Philippines. I’ll be more than happy to show you around the place! I thought that some of the villages (kampongs) in Malaysia were Neanderthal, but this place where I am now takes the biscuit, no argument.

Nevertheless, it’s a great place to get away from the incredible noise and dust of city life. Filipino people in general think nothing of singing (aka SHOUTING) karaoke in their homes until 3am EVERY morning. And the karaoke is like – full blast 1,000 decibel sort of thing. It’s insanity!

I’m back at my apartment now, but nevertheless, while I’m writing this, once more, the damn karaoke is thumping in my eardrums. It’s an inescapable nightmare…

Let’s get down to business before I lose my focus (mind) entirely…


Unique Article Wizard… how’s the project shaping up?

If you have any interest in using UAW, then here are a few insights into how the new system (as far as article submissions are concerned) works.

It’s pretty much the same interface as before, although when you first login to UAW, you are greeted with something entirely different.

There are a variety of options to choose from – namely:

-          Article Submissions in general (which is what I’m using)

-          Article Submissions in the form of guest posts on blogs (I presume that’s in order to achieve higher PageRank submissions, in which case, this could be an extremely valuable asset to anyone looking to rank webpages in Google search!)

-          Concierge Publishing – sorry, I’ve not yet looked into what that service is offering

-          Authority Builder – again, not sure what that is

-          Social Media Auto Pilot – gaining Facebook Likes and other social media benefits on auto

-          Rank Tracker – yup – UAW now offer to track your keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo, and in Bing


I will be researching each of these services in turn and I will provide feedback as to what they offer to you as a user of this service. They do look very interesting…

Honestly, I sense that for 99 bucks per month, the service is really cutting edge stuff. However, as I said previously, as far as this particular project is concerned, I’m merely intent on using the good ol’ fashioned article submission stuff, and I’ll be providing updates on my ranking results with respect to this alone.


Some Things to Keep in Mind

The UAW folks have really clamped down on ‘trashy’ content submission. I mean, before, when you submitted your articles, quite often they would be rejected based on poor quality content alone.

Nevertheless, these days, it’s not only about poor quality content. If your articles do not meet a certain percentage in terms of uniqueness when compared to each other (you need to submit three unique articles, all with the same amount of paragraphs, and all based on the same subject matter), then they will be rejected. And let me tell you, it’s quite tough to pass the quality control here…

Over the past 6 days, I’ve submitted five articles to UAW. Four of them were rejected outright due to the fact that I had not achieved enough uniqueness. Ouch!

So, what I then had to do was to re-work each article to the point whereby I was re-writing every individual paragraph in entirety, and then spinning the new paragraph in turn. Then, I used a free service called DupeCop to compare the uniqueness of each article I wished to submit within the group of three.  You can of course, if you are using The Best Spinner (TBS), compare each article’s uniqueness within the TBS tool. But in order to get a ‘second opinion’, I decided to use DupeCop.

I will provide a video as to how I go about doing this, so don’t fret over it if you are confused by what I mean here. It’s somewhat complex to explain this process through dialogue, so it’s best to formulate some Camtasia video footage for you – they say that an image is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it’s very true, albeit in video format.

I do think however that this excessive quality control thing is good. The UAW folks are tightening up their network, which in turn, for us, as service users, can only serve to benefit.  What it probably means is that we obtain decent quality links back to our webpages.


So… where was I…

I’ve now five articles submitted to the UAW article submission service. Two of those articles are with respect to the project site, which is

Only one of those is ‘live’ and running.

The other three articles are for two different ‘niche’ websites that I need to gain improved Google rankings for.

And, all of these websites are utilizing the eBay affiliate program, which I like a heck of a lot, regardless that most days, the commissions are pretty paltry. It just takes four or five good commission days to be seeing some healthy income figures from the eBay affiliate system.  And I did mention in Post 3 of this series that I was, back in the good days, seeing incomes from eBay affiliation alone, in excess of 2 grand each month, what with my best month being at around 5 grand USD. So, my point being, it is possible to generate a full-time income from eBay affiliation.


You might be wondering what I mean when I say ‘niche‘ website. Well, I’m not sure about the true definition of the term, but the way I see it is that a niche site is one whereby you are merely intent on selling stuff – usually that would be as an affiliate for a certain organization such as Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, and the like…

The content of a niche site does not tend to lend itself well to social media. And as such, gaining Google search engine rankings is arguably the most beneficial way in order to achieve sales.

It’s worth noting that sometimes you can in fact turn a niche website into a social media oriented website.  That though is for another day… All I want to do here is to highlight how to achieve Google search rankings by way of article submissions.

And yes, I am willing to beg to differ from what you will see on forums such as Warriors, where most folks are saying that article marketing no longer is functional. As far as I’m concerned, that is entirely not the truth. And my exploits here are with the full intentions of proving my point – article marketing, when done in the ‘right’ way, is still extremely productive in terms of gaining Google search rankings.


At this point, it’s probably best I cut short. My head is swimming with horror-story karaoke shouting, and I’m being inundated with new year well-wishes on Facebook’s private messaging service, etc.

Keep watching out for new blog posts. I’ll be updating each time some progress is made.

Again, wishing you the best for 2014!



Here are the links to all the UAW post series thus far:

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How to Use UAW Article Submission Service – Video

Does Unique Article Wizard Still Work? | Unique Article Wizard Project – Post 3

Does Unique Article Wizard Still Work?


FYI posts 1 and 2 to this experiment are here:

Post 1

Post 2


Post 4 with regards to progress being made is here, in addition to UAW FAQ’s and also a video about how to use the article submission service:

Post 4


 How to use UAW article submission service – video

So, yesterday, I started to add content to the Unique Article Wizard project site. I’ve added five posts so far, and may add another 7 to 10 in the next few weeks.

There’s a good reason I don’t wish to build up the site too much just yet – what if, because this is a totally new domain, Google dumps it before it even gets a single top 100 search engine ranking?

Therefore, I’d prefer to see some sort of early rankings before I add much more content.

You can see the website here:


There’s still some work to do to tidy things up on the site, but it’s just about okay as is, except that I’ve yet to place my affiliate links to eBay within the posts.

I’m using the new theme that comes free with WordPress. Still getting to grips with it, but it’s much like the other themes that also come with free with WordPress.


eBay Affiliation

If you are intent on joining eBay as an affiliate, and I do really like eBay from an affiliate’s point of view, simply because of the sheer volume and variety of products on there – let me warn you that they have made it much more difficult to do now in comparison to a few years back.

The way to gain success if you don’t succeed at the outset is to keep trying with them. It took me two tries before I was accepted and I’ve heard that for some folks, it takes them four or five shots at the bull’s eye.

You might be asking however – should you even bother about eBay? The commission pay-outs are paltry low.

That’s a good question.

In days gone by, I’ve managed to earn in excess of $2,000 in a month from eBay (in fact, if I remember rightly, I think my best ever month was around $5,000 USD). Sure, it’s not exactly an overwhelming amount, but it’s still a very healthy income, and the income ‘can’ be reasonably passive.

These days, I don’t make anything like that sort of money with eBay, but I still do make a few hundred and hopefully I’ll be improving on that pretty soon.

Basically, what I do when I’m creating a new eBay affiliated domain is that I decide on a market. Then I add content to a new domain. I add in my affiliate links, and then I sit back and let things run for a bit to see what sort of Google search rankings I can get without any SEO. I then will probably SEO, which will take me about 3 or 4 hours for each website in each month.

To me, that’s a ‘relatively’ passive income. If I can get $100 per site on average each month for 4 hours work per month, well, okay, not exactly passive as such, but some of my eBay sites still make money and I’ve not touched them in years.


Just to reiterate with respect to UAW.

I merely wish to use the article marketing aspect of the service, even though now they’ve added a number of new services under the Unique Article Wizard umbrella. I was very happy with the article marketing I did recently utilizing UAW alone, and that’s what I wish to stick with this time around.

As a matter of fact, I started my UAW work early this morning – 26th of December (27th over here in South East Asia). I’ll be making 5 submissions with the service on a daily basis once my article is approved, which should be within the next 24 hours or so, hopefully.

I really do not expect to see much in the way of Google search rankings for perhaps 2 to 3 weeks, but I’ll keep you posted on that.


Keyword Phrase Choices

This is a bit of a tricky one with cell phones. I owned a cell phone website before which I purchased from a friend of mine and managed to sell it for a nice profit after only about 3 months in my keeping. However, my cell phone knowledge is almost non-existent, and I really don’t know how to tackle this market in terms of what I should try to rank for in Google search.

There’s no real point in divulging my keyword choices to you right now because although I’ve made some decisions about it, there ain’t gonna be any rankings to be seen for a while. As soon as there are – if there are, that’s the time to divulge my specific keyword phrase choices.

Honestly, for now, I’m not going to work on any more than perhaps four different keyword phrases, although in future, I might want to focus on longer tail keywords to try and achieve easier and faster rankings. In fact, I may well do that with my next UAW article submission. We’ll see…


Now, that might seem somewhat contradictory to any potential success here, but it’s not, and I’ll tell you why.

As anyone who knows anything about SEO’ing in Google, these days, you HAVE to mix up your anchor text – the text you use to link to your website. I now get the impression that the more you mix it up, the better the site’s overall rankings. It’s almost like Google are giving you a pat on the back for your efforts, which of course, they are not. Google NEVER give anyone a pat on the back unless it’s in their best interests to do so.

If you are not familiar with the way to create your anchor text, here’s the format for Unique Article Wizard, and the generally accepted format for article directories etc. on the whole:


<a href=””>your anchor text here</a>


If you do get the format wrong when using UAW to make your submissions, don’t fret it. I get mine wrong all the time. They’ll tell you about it if you’ve made any errors within the formatting. And if you can’t figure out what it is you have done wrong, simply send support a quick email. Normally they’re really good at responding to these types of query.


Feel free to ask any questions should anything not be clear to you.